Are Blonde Eyelashes Rare

Are Blonde Eyelashes Rare?

While they are pretty common to those with lighter locks, blonde lashes occur less frequently than dark ones.

As a training cosmetologist, I hear people ask this question a lot. You often hear it most from those who already have blonde eyelashes. Despite what most would think, it’s usually not a weird flex or a humblebrag! Light-colored lashes are something people don’t mind, so those who have them often want to get rid of them!

In this article, we’re going to discuss the rarity of blonde eyelashes and how to make them look their best!

Why Are Blonde Eyelashes Rare?

Did you know that only about 2 percent of the world’s population has naturally blonde hair? That’s only about 156 million people on this planet!

That seems like a lot, but in a world of over seven billion, blonde hair is a rare thing. Blonde eyelashes are even rarer.

You see, the hair on your eyelashes and head are not explicitly linked. There’s a connection, as those with darker hair are more likely to have darker eyelashes and vice versa. But, hair color throughout the body doesn’t always match.

People can easily have blond hair and dark eyelashes. But, they usually don’t have light eyelashes and dark hair. As a result, blonde eyelashes are rare to the human population as a whole but pretty common among those who have naturally lightened hair.

Styling Options For Blonde Eyelashes

While they are a rare commodity, blonde eyelashes don’t always match the current style and makeup trends. For this reason, many choose to treat the lashes and alter their appearance. Here are a few ways to do so.

Dark-Colored Mascara

The easiest option is using mascara. Mascara has been around for eons and continues to be a beauty staple.

Many women choose to match the color of the mascara to their eye color. It’s available in a spectrum of natural and whimsical shades. Black is the most common. However, many recommend light brown for natural blondes, as it complements their fair complexion.


For a more permanent effect, there’s tinting. Tinting is a more permanent process that darkens the eyelashes and provides a similar effect to mascara. But, it doesn’t wash off and provides the same look for about four weeks.


Curling is another great choice. Curled lashes help to frame the eyes and give you a more doe-like appearance. Simple eyelash curlers will do the trick. However, heated curlers can provide effects that last longer.

Going All-Natural

Of course, you can always rock your blonde eyelashes with confidence! Light-colored lashes are unique and make a big statement without even trying. Throw in some clear mascara for separation and definition, and you’re good to go!


So, are blonde eyelashes rare? Blonde lashes are pretty rare, as dark hair colors are more prevalent as a whole. But among those who already have naturally light-color hair, it’s pretty common.

Whether you keep your blonde eyelashes or not is entirely up to you! There are certainly many options to darken them and blend in with the crowd. Try out one of the options we discussed earlier and make your eyelashes work for you!

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