Best Eyeliner For Oily Lids

Best Eyeliner For Oily Lids In 2021

Eyeliner is a staple for any makeup routine. While many of us struggle with getting the technique right, the next struggle is finding the perfect eyeliner. The problem is even worse for those who have oily lids, but there is hope for us. Here are the best eyeliners for oily lids.

​What Causes Oily Lids?

​If you have oily skin, it doesn’t mean you’ll have oily lids. However, hormonal fluctuations can cause oily lids. As women reach menopause, they can see that their eyelids become drier as oil production in the body lessens.

Another cause of oily lids is by your eye shape as skin experts suggest. While those things are harder to change, one way to stop oilier lids is to maintain the amount of stress you have. Also making sure you’re not sunbathing or using your products incorrectly can reduce the oiliness on the eyelid.

​What Can You Do To Prevent Oily Lids

​While you can’t change how your hormonal levels are or the shape of your eyes, there are ways you can prevent your lids from messing up your makeup.

The first way you can prevent oily lids from messing up your makeup routine is to skip an oil-based foundation and concealer around your eyelids. This only makes your lids oilier than they are and harder to manage. If you opt to use foundation or concealer, make sure the formula is either mineral or water-based.

Another option for preventing oily lids is to use a primer. Primer dries out the lids making it easier for eyeshadows and eyeliners to stay in place. Most YouTube gurus don’t apply their makeup without primers as it sets a great base for their palette. Primers also make colors pop out more and allow the color to set in for a crisper look.​

Another way to prevent oily lids is to make sure you’re removing your makeup properly. Removing excess makeup will ensure that there is no leftover oiliness from the leftover makeup. Another tip is to avoid using oil-based moisturizers around the eyelids, as it’ll make your eyelids even oilier. If you opt for moisturizer make sure it’s oil-free.

​Best Types Of Eyeliners To Use For Oily Eyelids

​There are four types of eyeliners people use: shadow, liquid, gel, and pencil eyeliner. Keep in mind when you buy any eyeliner to make sure it is hypoallergenic if you have sensitive eyes.

If you have sensitive skin around your eyes make sure to always look at the labels to make sure it is best suited for your eyes.

With each and every liner, it is necessary to make sure you close the top, especially with liquid and gel liners as they will dry out quickly if you do not. Keep them in cool places as well since most liners don’t do well in warmer atmospheres.

​Pencil Liners

​Pencil liners are also known as kohl liners have a smudgy finish. People with oily lids should avoid pencil eyeliner as it will not stay in place throughout the day. Unless a smudgy look is what someone is going for it’s best to leave pencil liners alone.

If you insist on using a pencil around your eyes, make sure you have a base for it so that it’ll stay set and won’t smudge. For the base, you can use any eyeshadow primer to make sure your pencil liner stays put.

Ideally, pencil liners are best for tightlining and waterlining your lids. Tightlining the lid is when you apply eyeliner close to the lash line on the top lid to make lashes appear fuller. While waterlining the lids is applying eyeliner to the bottom of your waterline. The cons with pencil liners are that there is less control over precision compared to gel or liquid liners.

​Shadow Liners

​Just like pencil liner, the next type of eyeliner someone can use is shadow liner. To use shadow liner, you would need to use a primer just to make sure it’s visible and doesn’t fade as quickly.

With shadow liner, you would need to apply your liner with a brush to line your eyes with it. The versatility with the shadow liner that other lines don’t provide is that it can be applied wet or dry.

If you apply this liner wet, it’ll appear darker compared to when you apply it dry where it’ll be lighter. The con with this type of liner is that it’s not very pigmented. These also liners last the shortest amount of time in comparison to the other types.

​Liquid Liners

​Liquid eyeliner tends to be a hit or miss depending on the formula alone. However, liquid eyeliner is more reliable than kohl as it doesn’t smudge as easily as a pencil does. Liquid liners also allow for more precision depending on the type of tip the liner has.

The different types of tips most liquid liners are either a sponge, felt, or a brush tip liner. Waterproof eyeliners usually do the best when it comes to staying put when it comes to liquid liners.

​For the best way to apply liquid liners is to use the three-dot method. The three-dot method is putting three dots along the lash line and connecting them to a precise line along the lid. Liquid liners tend to have a glossy finish.

If you’re looking for a matte finish, it’s best to stick with gel or pencil liners. With liquid liners, it’s advisable never to use them along with your waterline as it will burn.

​Gel Liners

​The best eyeliner for oily lids is gel liners. Gel liners are a hybrid between liquid and pencil liner because of the gel formula they very seldom budge. They’re also harder to remove, but they glide on smoothly and last longer than any of the other types of eyeliners.

The only con with a gel liner is there is a big learning curve as it requires a lot of precision. Most gel liners come with a liner brush to allow for more precision.

These eyeliners usually come with two types of brushes: a regular pointy tip brush or a slanted brush to allow for more of a cat-eye look. Once you get the hang of the eyeliner brush, gel liner will be a breeze to put on, and it will stay put for most of the day.

​When you first apply gel liners you can smudge it out if you’d like or use them as an eyeshadow base. However, in a quick amount of time, the gel liner will set and then will not be able to budge.

The great thing about gel liners and liquid liners is that they both have great pigmentation. Although out of all the formulas, gel liners have the strongest pigmentation compared to the rest.

​Now that you know about the different types of eyeliners let’s see what eyeliners would be best suited for your eyelids.

Docolor Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

​Docolor Eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner that’s waterproof. Although it only comes in black at the moment, its pigmentation is great and long-lasting. It is hypoallergenic which means it’s safe for sensitive eyes and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it. With a 0.4 mm felt tip, you have full control on how thin or thick you can apply the liner.


  • Has great staying power throughout the day but is easy to remove with warm water.
  • The bristles in the tip are soft which allows it to glide seamlessly onto the lid.
  • The felt tip liner allows for a clean, precise line every time.
  • This eyeliner does not smudge.
  • It also does not end up with creases.


  • Will not smudge if you’re looking for a smokey eye look.
  • It dries quickly, so there’s less room for error when applying.
  • Not much variety when it comes to colors.
  • The pigmentation is great, but you have to put on more layers for it to be the deepest shade of black.
  • It has a short shelf life as the product dries up within a few weeks.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Eyeliner 24H

​With a brush paired with a gel formula, this liner glides on smoothly in one stroke. The great thing about this product is that it is allergy and ophthalmologist tested, which means it won’t cause any harm to the eyes.

It is safe for all eye types, for those who wear contacts and anyone with sensitive eyes. The formula for this eyeliner also has great staying power for the day.


  • With the brush, it’s easy to apply the eyeliner in the way you’d like depending on the thickness you want in one stroke.
  • This eyeliner will stay in place, and it won’t budge for a long time.
  • You can choose from multiple colors.
  • It is super pigmented, and the formula is creamy.


  • It has a bit of a shine to it rather than a matte finish
  • This eyeliner can be difficult to remove and would require an eye makeup remover to remove it.
  • It’s not great for beginners as it doesn’t allow you to make mistakes.
  • You might want to buy separate brushes if you want more of an angled look for a beginner.
  • It can get in your crease.

Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum

This eyeliner uses a Japanese formula that is safe for the eyes. It also has a two-in-one eyeliner that uses the serum to boost lash growth. This eyeliner is waterproof, smudge-proof, and long-wearing.

This liner allows for seamless precision and is great for tightlining around the lash line. However, with this formula, you cannot apply it to the waterline as it would be unsuitable for your eyes. The formula is paraben and fragrance-free, it makes it perfectly safe for contact lens wearers and people with eye allergies.​


  • This eyeliner doesn’t smudge at all and stays put.
  • While being a great eyeliner, it improves the appearance of your lashes.
  • Great shelf life as it doesn’t dry out quickly overall.
  • It has a felt tip liner, which makes it easier to do a cat-eye look.


  • It’s not super matte if that’s what you’re looking for.
  • The tip does tend to dry from time to time, but you just have to shake the eyeliner for it to return to its original state.
  • You’ll need to add a primer for longer staying power with oily lids.
  • Sometimes the ink may come out unevenly.

NYX Cosmetics Collection Noir Liquid Liner

​This liner comes in a collection of black eyeliners, depending on the shade of black you want, you can choose the shade of black you think is best suited for you. All of NYX cosmetics are cruelty-free ensuring that animals are not harmed in the process.

Unlike most liners having a felt tip, this liquid liner has a brush tip allowing for thinner precision. This liner also comes in different finishes ranging from matte to glossy.


  • This liner collection allows you to choose what finish you want in the eyeliner.
  • It dries quickly making its staying power stronger.
  • The eyeliner does not budge or crack.
  • This eyeliner has a decent shelf life of a few months.
  • It’s very budget-friendly and inexpensive for the quality it has.


  • It tends to get a little clumpy after many months.
  • Some eyeliners of this collection are not waterproof.
  • It has a huge learning curve, as with the brush you need a lot of practice to get a perfectly straight line.
  • Sometimes the formula will be runny depending on the finish you get.
  • The packaging is hard to open for many.

Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Eyeliner

​This liner has a unique build as it is not a typical pencil liner. The tip itself is very pointy as it will be easier to tightline around the lashes. It applies relatively quickly in one stroke but is great for beginners as the unique design makes it easier for beginners to get the look they’re aiming for. It’s also waterproof, making it resistant to fading and feathering.


  • This eyeliner is super matte making it have a crisp finish compared to a glossy one.
  • It’s great for beginners as the design of the liner makes it easier for precise lines around the eyes.
  • It’s vegan, meaning the product does not use any animal byproducts in their formula.
  • One swipe is all that’s needed for dark black lines rather than having to layer it to get a deep black.
  • It has a gel-like finish making it appear stronger and long-lasting.


  • The only color that is available is black.
  • It is a little difficult to remove gel liner but can be removed with eye makeup remover.
  • The shelf life isn’t very long for this product.
  • The formula runs out quickly if you use a heavy hand with eyeliner.
  • This is not ideal for the waterline.


​All in all, these eyeliners are great for oily lids. While some work best with a matte base, the one that’s the best investment out of all of them is Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum.

It helps with growing your lashes and is great for those with sensitive eyes. While it may require a primer, it is the least harmful to the eyes. It also is great for anyone who is a beginner with eyeliner, it has a great learning curve and doesn’t smudge. The shelf life lasts very long compared to the rest of the liners. Although it’s not matte, it’s not glossy either as it just has a sheen to it.

​What makes this product great is that it’s perfect for those with sensitive eyes and for those who wear contacts. It’s waterproof, and the formula itself doesn’t contribute to excess oil production.

It’s easy to remove which means that it won’t leave any residue on the lid itself. It also doesn’t budge with hotter days, and the formula itself isn’t oil-based. What makes this eyeliner perfect for oily lids is the formula doesn’t mess with the natural oil production.

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