Best Flat Iron for Black Hair

Best Flat Iron for Black Hair In 2020

Black hair requires very special care and attention to get that healthy, stylish look. A great flat iron designed specifically for black hair plays a huge role in getting fantastic results. With different hair textures (fine, medium or coarse), it’s important to choose a flat iron that's best for you.

​Why Flat Irons for Black Hair are so Effective

​Flat irons for black hair are so effective because of its ability to provide the hair with a smooth, natural and straight appearance. Since the texture of some black hair is more coarse than others, it's important to use flat irons designed specifically for black hair based on the hair type to get the look, feel and texture you want without the use of relaxers or other chemical straighteners.

​Benefits of Using a Flat Iron for Black Hair

​Some benefits of using flat irons for black hair is that they’ve been designed specifically to address the texture associated with black hair. Since it is different from one person to the other, different settings are more conducive than others.

​Some black hair is more resistant to heat than others. This means that someone with fine hair texture can only tolerate a certain degree of heat without damaging their hair. Hair that's more coarse is more tolerant or resistant to more heat.

​Additionally, anytime a flat iron for black hair can provide that salon look, then you know you've got a great product as well. Particularly, those that allow women to flat iron their hair between salon visits and still get that fresh salon look and feel each and every time.

​How to Choose the Best Flat Iron For Your Hair Type

​Several ladies select flat irons based on the price or how well it worked for others. However, the way to choose the best flat Iron is to choose one based on your specific hair type, not necessarily based on what worked well for someone else since they may have a different hair type and texture than you do.

​Some flat irons have been known to cause severe damage, and thus it’s important to consider the best options for the right reasons - to straighten your hair based on its type and texture.

​To that end, there are a wide variety of flat irons for black hair on the market. The key is knowing what makes them differently based on their benefits and features. In the next section are two of the most common types of flat irons to choose from.

​Ceramic - Ceramic flat irons have gained their popularity because they are more economical. Not only that, but they are also great for smoothing out textured hair, straightening it using low temperatures and are also known for providing a long-lasting frizz-free, shiny look. It is most suitable for those with fine or straight to wavy-curly hair textures.

​Tourmaline – The name tourmaline is often included in the name of some of the ceramic flat irons. These types of flat irons consistent of prismatic crystals known to add a crystal boron silicate mineral that is responsible for assisting with smoothing out the hair cuticle as it helps reduce additional damage caused by heat.

When a tourmaline flat iron is used, you’ll typically only need to straighten each section of your hair once to get that smooth, salon look. It is a great option for those with fine, yet tightly coiled hair.

​The Best Way to Use Flat Irons for Black Hair

​The best way to use flat irons for black hair is first to wash and condition your hair to see more improved results. Make sure your hair is also moist yet free from excessive residue and buildup.

​The quality of the plates is also very important. Quality plates cost a significant amount more than lower quality plates. In fact, lower quality plates require more effort to straighten the hair than higher quality plates. And of course, higher heat always equates increasing the chance of damaging the hair and the hair follicles.

​After the hair has been cleaned and conditioned, divide it into manageable sections, and straighten a small section at a time. Attempting to flat Iron larger sections of your hair at one time is less effective.

Apply tension while flat ironing your hair as well. This provides greater results because the more stretched your hair is before flat ironing it, the better the texture and the sleeker the results. Large braids, roller sets, and blow drying are helpful (but blow drying normally eliminates moisture and dries the hair out.)​

When using products before flat ironing your hair, less is better to reduce buildup and stiffness. A good sealant (such as Shea butter), as well as a silicone-based serum, is recommended.​

The Best Flat Irons for Black Hair​


GHD’s Gold Professional

GHD’s Gold Professional

​There is a major difference between a $40 - $50 flat iron versus a $100 or $200 flat iron. In fact, the difference is amazingly apparent. After using the cheaper models for years, several women finally made the switch to the more expensive tools and were so surprised at the results.

Some vowed never to go back to the cheaper flat irons again. One user had this experience, particularly when using the GHD’s Gold Professional Styler Flat Iron. It has great features too; for example, it creates waves, curls, and flicks, which is great for those who like having that fresh salon look.

​It also has smooth plates which are great for preventing the hair from getting tangled. It's great for providing that professional looking perfect finish as its rounded barrels makes it easier for styling your hair just the way you want it.


  • It has a wider ceramic head which makes it work more effectively than other models
  • The plates are available in different sizes, which makes it easier to accommodate different hair lengths
  • It takes less time to straighten the hair than normal
  • It keeps the hair straight longer
  • It has an automatic shutoff feature


  • It's more expensive than average flat irons
  • Frequent (daily) usage could cause heat damage to the hair
  • The life span is shorter than expected
  • It does not have heat settings
  • It does not have an on/off indicator light

The Onei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron

The Onei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron

​The Onei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron also works great for straightening black hair., It’s known for providing black hair with that salon-quality finish. With temperatures ranging from 140F to 450F, it is also known for its ability to completely transform black hair into frizz-free, silky, straight hair.

One of its key features is its elliptical barrel, which allows users to style, flip or curl their hair easily. This flat iron has a 1-inch, dual floating, multi-coat ceramic plate that makes it easy for users to glide right over their hair quickly and easily.

​Like most women, you may have had to get dressed and out of the house in a hurry. Thankfully the MK-I Halo will automatically shut off after 30 minutes. For those who like to travel and are on the go, this flat iron is also ergonomic and lightweight.


  • It heats up in a matter of seconds and cools down quickly
  • It has temperatures in the range of 140F-450F
  • It works well on all hair types
  • Reduces the need to make frequent visits to the salon
  • Has a bright digital display


  • A dual voltage may be needed if traveling internationally
  • Could cause heat damage to the hair when using an adapter
  • Life span may end earlier than expected
  • Easy to hit the off switch during use
  • Known to overheat and cause heat damage to the hair

HSI Professional Hair Straightener

HSI Professional Hair Straightener

​The HSI, another great flat iron known for providing consistency to black hair, straightens while also giving it a smooth, lightweight look and feel. Considered more of a high-end model, the HSI Professional Hair Straightener has ceramic Tourmaline Ionic plates designed specifically for black hair.

This particular flat iron is also known for preventing the hair from frizz as it straightens the hair. If you’re more versatile and also like to curl your hair, it can also curl your hair as well.

One of its key features is that its ceramic plates are made with tourmaline and ion technology, this is great for sealing in and repelling static electricity known to cause frizz. Instead, it provides smoother hair while reducing snagging.

Another feature is that the handle has a rough texture. This is useful because it allows you to hold the flat iron more securely without dropping it during use.​

Because most black hair is either fine, medium or coarse, the adjustable temperature ranges from 240F to 400F, so it accommodates all hair types.​


  • Heats up quickly
  • Easy to adjust the temperature range with +/- buttons
  • Has adjustable temperature that ranges from 240F to 400F
  • Prevents frizz while sealing in moisture
  • Works well on short, medium and long hair


  • The plates are shorter than most flat irons
  • It does not maintain high heats settings
  • The temperature changes during use
  • It has some design flaws
  • Does not maintain heat at 450 degrees

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

​The Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron works great on black hair. It reduces frizz and that flyaway look, while it easily curls or flips the hair. One of its features includes its floating ceramic plates. This is helpful for providing versatility when styling your hair.

​The ceramic plates heat up almost instantly. It provides an even heat in about 15 seconds.

​The plates are approximately 29% longer than most flat irons, which allows users to flat iron larger sections of their hair at one time. The plates are three times smoother than most ceramic irons, which makes it easier to glide over and smooth out the hair – while also reducing the hair from getting snagged or pulled during usage.

​It also seals in moisture as it repels static electricity. The temperature heats up to 455Fand can be set based on the texture and thickness of your hair, making it easier to maintain straightness for up to 24 hours.


  • Heats up quickly. Usually within 15 seconds
  • Has up to 30 heat settings
  • Easily glides over the hair
  • Has anti-static/anti-frizz capabilities
  • Has versatility, can straighten, curl, or flip the hair


  • Does not provide digital temperature reading
  • Plates are not completely parallel unless they are squeezed shut
  • Hair ends often gets snagged causing hair breakage
  • It takes longer to straighten the hair, even on the hottest settings
  • It does not maintain the straightness as long

Chi Original Pro 1” Ceramic ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron

Chi Original Pro 1” Ceramic ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron

​The Chi Original Pro 1” takes the struggle out of straightening your hair. It allows you to perfectly straighten whatever type of hair you may have with its reliable ceramic ionic straightening abilities. This is the best tool that you can have that allows you to create your look, using versatile hair styles. ​It works great on short or long hair, wavy or curly.


  • Heats up very quickly
  • Great straightener for short black hair
  • Has very versatile styling options
  • Can straighten, curl or make your hair wavy
  • Works on all hair types


  • Can cause damage to sensitive hair, even on low heat.
  • Does not include a temperature setting facility.
  • There is only one set temperature available (So you’ll be unable to use the +/- temperature option)
  • It does not have an automatic shut-off feature
  • It may stop working abruptly


Each of these is really great flat irons that should be selected based on your particular hair type and styling needs. But of the five listed above, the GHD’s Gold Professional is the best choice for providing long lasting straightness and provides a professional salon look every time. It also reduces the need to make costly, frequent visits to the hair salon to get the look you want.​

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