Best Flat Iron For Fine Hair In 2020

Picking the right flat iron can be a difficult process. Finding the right one for fine hair is even more complicated. You have to consider things like temperature settings, plate size, and warranty period when making your decision. This article is going to help make flat iron recommendations that are perfect for fine hair and more.

Flat Iron Fundamentals:

​Material Type Is Key

​There are several different types of flat iron materials to choose from. Picking the right one is important to ensure that your flat iron will last for a long time as well as deliver the right results. There are currently three materials that you will see used in many popular flat irons.


​Ceramic flat irons are by far the most popular type of flat iron you will find. Ceramic has the advantage of heating very evenly and quickly. However, it is important to realize the difference between ceramic coated and true ceramic flat irons.

​Ceramic coated flat irons do have the advantage of being substantially cheaper in price. However, the ceramic coating is often very thin and has a tendency to flake off with time.

The material also does not stay as hot. True ceramic flat irons are more expensive, but they typically have a much longer lifespan before the material begins to chip.


​Titanium can heat up just as quickly as ceramic and distributes the heat evenly as well. This material is a much lighter weight than typical ceramic varieties. This makes it a great choice for travel use and more.

The material is also not porous like ceramic. This means that it typically last for much longer than other options making it an excellent choice for professional stylists and those who flat iron their hair regularly. Unfortunately, this material is often quite a bit more expensive than ceramic.


​Tourmaline is the newest material that is being incorporated into high-quality flat iron designs. It is a type of gemstone that is ground up and applied as a coating to traditional ceramic flat irons. The material helps to keep hair from catching which helps prevent heat transfer damage.

​Being the newest material type, tourmaline flat irons are the most expensive out of the three options. However, the coating helps extend the lifespan of flat irons and is an excellent way to help prevent hair damage for new users.

​Tips For Flat Iron Success

​There are many tips and tricks you can try to ensure that your flat iron experience doesn’t end in disaster. This section is going to offer a few tips that can help you get the most out of your flat iron. These tips can typically be applied to any hair type and are very easy to follow.

​Never Flat Iron Wet Hair

​One of the most important things to remember is that hair should always be dry before you attempt to use your flat iron. Ideally, you should allow your hair to dry naturally whenever possible before flat ironing.

​This prevents additional heat damage and allows your conditioning shampoo to settle in each strand. If you hear sizzling or see steam coming from your flat iron, stop and make sure your hair is completely dry.

If it is, you likely applied too much serum or other styling product. You should try removing the excess with a towel if you find this is the case.

​Thermal Treatments Make The Difference

​One of the most important things to remember when using any thermal styling product like a flat iron is that thermal treatments make a big difference. Any time you style your hair with a flat iron or high-heat blow dryer, you are damaging your hair.

​This is why many experts recommend thermal protection products to help reduce this type of damage and smooth hair follicles.

A good product will have a high-quality oil base that naturally smooths hair and split ends. Remember to apply it sparingly to prevent excessive product build up.

​Achieving Perfect Curls With Your Flat Iron

​Getting perfect curls with your flat iron is easy with just a little bit of preparation and patience.

To begin, apply your thermal protectant evenly throughout your hair. Remember that a little bit of this product goes a long way. Next, section off your hair into manageable sections.

​For your flat iron, remember that the maximum heat setting is often not needed to achieve the best look.

Try a lower heat setting first to reduce the risk of damage to your hair. When you’re ready, begin wrapping your hair around the flat iron a few strands at a time. Rotate the flat iron 360 degrees until you reach the tip.

Once you have reached the tip, release the hair from the flat iron. You can then curl the hair by hand for an additional twirl effect before moving on to the next section. For an excellent video showing this process, check out this instructional video by Shelly.​

Top Five Flat Irons To Consider​


Remington S5500

Remington S5500

The Remington S5500 is an excellent choice beginners and experienced users alike. It features a digital display that makes viewing the temperature of the flat iron very easy and convenient.

It also has controls that are very simple to operate when selecting temperatures that are perfect for whatever hairstyle you are trying to achieve.​


  • The 30-second quick heat option is great for those who are crunched for time early mornings.
  • The swiveling cord is very convenient. It prevents snagging and allows complete range of motion when trying to create bouncing curls and more.
  • The flat iron has a great auto shutoff feature that turns it off automatically after 60 minutes. 
  • It is one of the most affordable options that still incorporates many great features.


  • One downside worth mentioning is that the ceramic plates on this model do not close completely.
  • The average lifespan of this particular model seems to be less than some other options available.
  • Another downside worth mentioning is that the plastic used in this model feels very brittle and cheap.

Kipozzi Flat Iron

Kipozzi Flat Iron

​The Kipozzi flat iron is another excellent choice worth considering. It features several preset temperature settings that are grouped as fragile, damaged, and healthy.

This makes selecting the right temperature for your hair much easier than some other brands. It also comes with a handy storage bag that is perfect for travel use and more.


  • The titanium coating helps ensure that this flat iron will last for quite some time. It also helps improve the heat distribution of the metal plating as well.
  • Ensuring you are using the right temperature setting is quick and easy thanks to the clear LCD.
  • The 1.75-inch wide plate design is perfect for working on larger sections of hair at once. This makes it an ideal choice for those who are pressed for time.
  • The no tangle cord design is great since it provides a full range of motion and prevents the cord from being damaged when you store it.


  • The company that makes this product does not offer any warranty information online. This can be a major issue should you have any problems with this unit.
  • The placement of the power button is very poorly designed. It is in the middle of the flat iron just above the heating plates. You have to be careful not to burn yourself by accident when turning the unit off.
  • The design of this flat iron is also slightly bulky. This can make turning the flat iron a slightly cumbersome process.

Xara Flat Iron

XARA Professional 2

​The Xara flat iron is another great option worth considering. It offers a great deal of versatility and can heat up to 450 degrees.

This makes it an excellent choice for keratin treatments, curling, and straightening.

The unit also features InfraRed MoistureLock technology to help retain hair’s natural moisture and shine.


  • The Tourmaline layer is designed to provide improved heat distribution and improve the overall lifespan of the product.
  • The LCD on this model is very bright and easy to read. This makes it a great choice for early morning use and more.
  • The InfraRed technology helps seal in moisture while using this product on your hair. Paired with a great oil base, this product is perfect for taming frizz.


  • This unit takes a minute and a half to heat up. This is substantially longer than many other options available.
  • Another downside worth mentioning is that this product does not have a swivel free cord. This can create problems when switching to harder to reach areas.
  • The placement of the thermal controls is very close to the heating plates. This creates a risk for injury when attempting to change the temperature or turn the unit off.

Infiniti Pro By Conair

Infiniti Pro By Conair

​The Infiniti Pro is another great option. It has a very fast 15-second heat up time and offers a great deal of versatility.

The 30 different temperature settings make this a perfect fit for just about any type of heat based styling need.

It also comes with an impressive warranty period that is greater than that of many other companies.


  • Fast Heating: If you’re in a rush, then you will likely love the fast 15-second heating timer. This makes this model ideal for those who are often crunched for time in their morning beauty routines.
  • Swiveling Cord: The convenient swiveling cord design ensures that you will not have any issues using this flat iron in tight spaces. It also makes styling hard to reach areas much easier.
  • Impressive Warranty Period: Conair offers a five year warranty period for their flat iron. This provides peace of mind knowing your product is protected.


  • No Digital Display: The lack of a digital display is a bit of a downer for those who want to see what temperature setting they are using easily. This model uses a dial to switch between pre-established heat settings.
  • Thin Plates: This model uses a relatively thin plate design. This increases the amount of time it takes to style large portions of hair substantially.
  • No Heat Customization: This model utilizes 30 heat presets. It does not allow users to select their heat settings like some other models.

Bestope Flat Iron

Bestope Flat Iron

​The Bestope flat iron is perfect for straightening hair, creating bouncing curls, and more. It features high-quality ceramic plating that ensures even heat distribution and quick heating.

The LED display is very easy to read and conveniently located near the base of the unit. It also features a convenient restore setting for optimum hair straightening temperature.


  • The LED screen makes selecting the perfect temperature for your hair quick and easy. It accurately displays the temperature setting so that you can customize your look with ease.
  • The floating plate design helps ensure that your hair does not snag and that the unit moves freely when rotating. This makes it ideal for creating tight curls.
  • The ionic technology helps maintain proper moisture balance and promote hair that shines with health and beauty.


  • This unit heats up in approximately 60 seconds. While not bad overall, it is almost double that of some other models available.
  • The LED makes identifying the precise temperature simple and easy. Unfortunately, the unit only offers 10 temperature settings.
  • Another downside worth mentioning is the narrow plate design. While this is great for detail work, it makes larger styling projects much more labor intensive.


​All of the flat irons covered in this review are excellent choices. However, the Infiniti Pro by Conair is likely the best choice.

It has the lowest heat up timer of all the selections and is backed by an impressive warranty period. It is also very reasonably priced as well.

​The textured design on the handle helps ensure that you maintain a secure grip while creating tight curls or straightening even the longest hair. It also heats up to 455 degrees making it ideal for at home keratin treatments as well.

Finally, the swivel cord design is very convenient and prevents annoying tangles and more. This is why it is the best choice for beginners and experienced users alike.

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