Best Flat Iron for Thick Hair In 2020

The constant struggle of taming an unruly mane is only ever made harder the thicker your hair is. The question to ask always remains the same: What is the best flat iron for thick hair? Luckily, we've compiled a list detailing just that. Check out these five products featured below.

​What To Look For in a Flat Iron

​Many people aren't sure where to start when comparing and contrasting different flat irons. What should you look for? What do professionals use? What do you need to handle thick hair as opposed to other types? As a general rule, a few of the main distinguishing features of flat irons include:

  • Plate Size
  • ​Material
  • ​Pricing
  • ​Temperature

​Choosing a Plate Size

​A flat iron's plate is the part that heats up while in use. When choosing which flat iron is right for you, how large or small the plates are is an important choice to make.

Take into account what type of hair you have and how long it is to get the best results. For thicker hair, it's best to have a flat iron with plates at least an inch thick, though it's preferable to have even wider plates depending on the length of your hair.

In short, both longer hair and thicker hair will require wider plates, with some types requiring plates of at least two inches if not more.

​At the same time, though, harder to reach hair can be difficult to get to with wider plates. For this reason, those with thick hair may also want to have a smaller flat iron on hand just for straightening those areas if possible. If you don't, though, it's still manageable, it will just take more time and patience to complete your whole head.

​Flat Iron Materials

​There are many kinds of material flat irons can be made from, but the three most common are titanium, ceramic, and tourmaline. All three have different strengths and weaknesses, such as:


Titanium is one of the most popular materials to be used for flat iron plates, often featured in professional salons. It heats up quickly and retains that heat for long periods of time, making it perfect for thick, course hair. For thinner, more delicate hair, though, it may be too harsh.


Ceramic flat irons take slightly longer to get hot but have good heat retention. Because of the properties of ceramic, it lacks titanium's tendency to heat unevenly.

These "hot spots" can damage hair as well as create frizz, making ceramic flat irons better for thinner, finer hair. A word of caution, however; many flat irons made with ceramic may only be ceramic coated rather than made entirely of ceramic.

Ceramic coated irons are typically lower quality and do not heat as evenly as pure ceramic models.


Tourmaline flat irons are made with a coating of the gemstone tourmaline over ceramic plates.

An amazing heat conductor, tourmaline flat irons can straighten hair at lower heat settings as effectively as normal ceramic or titanium flat irons at higher heat settings.

Because of this feature, it works well with both thick and fine hair types. It also reduces the amount of damage your hair sustains from ironing over time due to the reduced levels of heat needed.

​For some additional information on flat irons and some tips and tricks for styling thick hair, check out this video.

​Pricing for Different Types of Flat Irons

​Different flat irons will, predictably, be sold for different prices. Several factors will influence how much you'll need to pay for your flat iron, including the material it's made from and the manufacturer.

​As we covered before, most flat irons are made from either titanium, ceramic, or tourmaline. In general, tourmaline flat irons are the most expensive kind you can buy simply because of how effective they are. C

eramic and titanium models are similar in price, though titanium irons often have a wider price range and more options to explore.

Even so, a large factor in the price you'll pay for a flat iron is down to where you buy from, meaning it's important to shop around and look for the best deals before committing to anything.

​In terms of the manufacturer of your flat iron, being willing to spend more is usually a better option than saving a little money.

While there are flat irons you can buy at a drugstore for around $20, they will usually be of lower quality and be less effective than pricier models from a hair salon, online store, or similar venue.

This can be especially important to consider for people with thicker hair, as lower quality flat irons will usually do a worse job of straightening the thicker the hair it works on is, in addition to generally just taking longer to finish.

​Temperature Ranges for Flat Irons

​Your flat iron's maximum and minimum temperature are important when determining what to buy. Similar to plate size, the thinner or thicker your hair is will determine the maximum amount of heat you'll want to expose it to.

For thicker hair, it's recommended that your flat iron reaches temperatures of at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit, if not higher. Thinner, finer hair will require a minimum below 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

It's important to consider the material of your flat iron, as well, taking into account what we talked about previously relating to the three types of flat irons to get the best results.

The Best Flat Irons for Thick Hair

​This list details five of the best flat irons on the market today. We've taken care to include a variety, featuring all three types discussed above and outlining the pros and cons of each selection. To find out which of the five could be best for your hair, keep reading below.


X5 1" Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron

X5 1

The X5 1" Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic flat iron is a tourmaline ceramic flat iron made with professionals in mind. It features flexible 1-inch plates and can heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its tourmaline coating allows for even heat distribution, perfect for straightening and curling. Additionally, the plates are infused with a layer of Nano Silver, helping to kill off bacteria for extra cleanliness.​


  • High maximum temperature of 450 degrees.
  • Flexible floating plates help get to hard to reach areas.
  • Nano Silver helps kill bacteria left on the plates.
  • Microprocessor heat controls helps keep heat even and consistent


  • Very expensive from most retailers.

Xara 2” InfraRED Flat Iron

XARA Professional 2

​Xara's InfraRED flat iron is ceramic tourmaline flat iron is specially designed to help prevent damage to hair caused by frequent ironing.

With their MoistureLock InfraRED Technology, the iron uses infrared rays to deeply dry hair while protecting the cuticle. Also, the InfraRED can reach temperatures between 250 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit, getting up to temperature in as little as 90 seconds.


  • Quickly gets up to temperature using eight microprocessors.
  • Auto Shut-Off/Safety Mode feature automatically shuts off the iron when left unattended.
  • 2 inch wide plates are perfect for thicker hair types.
  • LED temperature control settings for easy use


  • The minimum temperature may still be too high for finer hair types.

KIPOZI 1 Inch Pro Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

KIPOZI 1 Inch Pro Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

The 1 inch Pro Nano-Titanium Flat iron from KIPOZI offers many unique advantages among flat irons, first and foremost being the inclusion of an LCD touchscreen.

Through the touchscreen, you can lock and unlock the flat iron as well as create settings for automatically turning it off when not in use, greatly enhancing safety.

Additionally, the contoured floating plates are specially designed to help reduce frizz and smooth hair. This iron can reach temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • LCD touchscreen helps improve safety.
  • 360 degree duel voltage swivel cord makes usage easier
  • 170-degree minimum temperature is appropriate for finer hair, as well.
  • Comes up to heat within 30 seconds.


  • LCD controls can be hard to get used to when you first use it.

Shekoo Beauty Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

Shekoo Beauty Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

​Shekoo Beauty's ceramic tourmaline flat iron is specially designed for the most comfortable styling experience.

Featuring an inner-facing control panel, it helps to prevent you from accidentally turning off your iron in the middle of straightening your hair.

It has eleven different heat settings up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Its wide 1 1/2 inch plates are perfect for thicker hair.


  • Inner-facing control panel helps improve safety and prevents you from accidentally turning off the iron.
  • 60-minute automatic shutoff prevents fires.
  • The 8-foot swivel cord is optimized for convenience.
  • Dual voltage is great for traveling


  • Plates may be slightly too small to iron the thickest hair efficiently.

Xtava Time to Shine 1 Inch Steam Hair Straightener

Xtava Time to Shine 1 Inch Steam Hair Straightener

The Xtava Time to Shine 1 Inch Steam hair straightener is a unique product among flat irons.

A ceramic tourmaline iron, it uses cold steam condition in addition to heat to help mitigate the damage done to hair and protect moisture, preventing you from over drying the follicles.

Using a removable water tank for easy refill, the Time to Shine sprays steam between the floating plates as it glides across the hair. Reaching temperatures between 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit, it's perfect for thicker hair types.​


  • 60-minute auto shutoff feature is a good safety precaution.
  • Steam conditioning function helps keep hair healthy and prevents some of the damage from ironing.
  • Removable water reservoir makes refilling the tank easy.
  • Comes with a nearly 9 foot, 350-degree swivel cord for the most convenience.


  • 1-inch plate width may be too small to iron the thickest hair types effectively.
  • Bullet Point 2


​There are many factors to consider when choosing the right flat iron for thick hair. As we covered before, it's important to look at an iron's materials, price, plate size, and temperature range before buying.

A low priced flat iron with a good temperature range but small plate size probably isn't going to get the job done, but a high-priced iron with large plates that only makes it to 300 degrees likely won't be good enough either.

​Out of the five flat irons, we previewed here, our pick for the best of the bunch for straightening out thick hair would have to be the Xara 2” InfraRED flat iron.

Its ceramic tourmaline plates provide even heat distribution and come up to a temperature within 90 seconds, saving you time during your morning routine. With a plate width of two inches wide, it should be able to handle even the thickest locks without any issue.

Its use of infrared rays helps keep damage done while ironing to a minimum, and its auto shutoff feature prevents any house fires if accidentally left unattended for too long. Given that many popular retailers sell it for a very fair price, there's no reason not to consider it.

​Ultimately, though, research and experimentation are going to be necessary to find the right flat iron for you.

While the Xara InfraRED, as well as every flat iron we looked at in this article, has many good features, personal preferences are going to be the major deciding factor with any purchase.

Find what you like and don't be afraid to look around to ensure you have the best specifics and price for your needs. Whatever you end up choosing, it will hopefully give you the smoothest, silkiest hair imaginable.

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