Best Hair Dryer For Fine Hair

Best Hair Dryer For Fine Hair In 2021

During your morning routine, a few things can be as frustrating as having to dry your hair. It has to be done at a particular time, as opposed to many of the other tasks. It takes longer than most of your other duties when getting ready.

​However, this process becomes even more of a concern if you were blessed or cursed with thin hair. More delicate and prone to damage from styling products, thin hair requires a particular kind of hair dryer to dry right without issues.

​Unfortunately, even among the professional grades of hair dryers, it can be difficult to figure out which one is the right one for you. That is why we have put together a list of the five best hair dryers for fine hair.

Moreover, we have provided you with a buyer’s guide, so you know what you are looking for and what the different features mean.

Sam Villa Lightweight & Quiet Ionic Professional Hair Dryer With Variable Speed & Temperature,...
Jinri Hair Dryer Sterilization Professional Salon Ionic Sterilization Blow Dryer with 2 Speed and 3...
Sam Villa Lightweight & Quiet Ionic Professional Hair Dryer With Variable Speed & Temperature,...
Jinri Hair Dryer Sterilization Professional Salon Ionic Sterilization Blow Dryer with 2 Speed and 3...
Sam Villa Lightweight & Quiet Ionic Professional Hair Dryer With Variable Speed & Temperature,...
Sam Villa Lightweight & Quiet Ionic Professional Hair Dryer With Variable Speed & Temperature,...
Jinri Hair Dryer Sterilization Professional Salon Ionic Sterilization Blow Dryer with 2 Speed and 3...
Jinri Hair Dryer Sterilization Professional Salon Ionic Sterilization Blow Dryer with 2 Speed and 3...

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​The wattage of the hair dryer will ultimately determine its maximum power. This applies to a number of factors including maximum heat, the amount of air blown, and durability.

​This is one of the more important qualities of a hair dryer, regardless the type of hair. However, for fine hair, this quality gets a bit trickier. Essentially, fine hair is inherently more delicate and prone to be damaged by hair care products.

​As such, hair dryers with higher wattages are more liable to damage fine hair. Still, even a person with fine hair will need a dryer with the capabilities of getting hot and blowing out a great deal of air. Moreover, anyone can do with products which are more durable.

​For a professional level of a hair dryer, you are looking for a wattage of at least 1800. However, there are professional hair dryers out there which can put out over 3000 watts.

Of course, for fine hair, the temperatures that wattage level can generate are rarely called for. The sheer amount of air output can often be helpful assuming a low enough temperature is available.


​This is a factor that has far less to do with the hair type as the function it serves will benefit every type of hair.

In fact, this is a must have for people with curlier or kinkier hair. Still, even people with fine, straight hair will prefer an ionic hair dryer over one without the feature.

​Essentially, the ionic hair dryer will dry your hair with less risk of frizzing or breaking the ends. The reason is that water is naturally ionic on its own.

Where basic hair dryers simply whisk the water away or expedite the process of evaporation, ionic hair dryers work on a chemical level.

​The hair dryer in question will ionically charge the air that it blows. When this air comes in contact with the naturally ionic water, the two will bond.

Ultimately, this prevents the water from soaking into the hair and requiring higher temperatures to evaporate quickly or pulling nutrients out as it does.


​There are four important materials to consider when choosing your hair dryer, though they all aim at achieving the same goals. Some of them do different tasks better than others, even if all of them do something best. The four materials in question are Tourmaline, ceramic, porcelain, and titanium.

​Of the four, the only tourmaline is unique in that its single purpose is to increase the ionization of the air the dryer blows. Beyond this function, it serves a little purpose though, it is the best material for adding additional ionization.

​Porcelain, ceramic, and titanium all are used to equalize the temperatures of the air being blown out of the dryer. For hair dryers with plastic or lower grade metals used at or near the heating element, the heat generated is uneven.

​This creates a scenario where the hair directly in the center of the hair dryer’s air stream will dry quicker than the hair on the peripheral. Titanium, porcelain, and ceramic all work to alleviate this problem, so the entire air stream dries your hair at the same rate.

​Titanium is a bit unique in this regard as it does keep the temperatures even, but it will also allow the temperatures to get hotter than ceramic or porcelain coatings.

As such, people with fine hair will need to be a bit more careful about hair dryers with titanium and will want to ensure that there is a low enough temperature setting to prevent damage.

​Temperature Range

​While everyone can appreciate the variance of temperature ranges with their hair dryer, this is another factor that will weigh more heavily for people with fine hair than other types. People with medium or thick hair will want a dryer with higher temperatures available.

​On the other hand, people with fine hair will often be looking for the opposite, a hair dryer with the option of effectively drying your hair at lower temperatures. This will require ionic features, the more, the better at this point, to achieve speedy results.

​Moreover, people with fine hair would do well to look for a cold setting. While most people can use a cold setting to ensure that their hairstyle stays put, people with fine hair need this more than most, and fine hair rarely holds styles as readily as thicker hair.

​Another feature that can benefit people with fine hair is infrared heating. Essentially, the heat generated is at a longer wavelength which makes it less energetic and thus, less damaging.

Moreover, the longer wavelength of heat will also penetrate the hair better, drying the hair from the inside out.

​Sam Villa Light Salon Professional Ionic Blow Dryer

Sam Villa Lightweight & Quiet Ionic Professional Hair Dryer With Variable Speed & Temperature,...
  • Best lightweight salon quality ionic hair dryer in the beauty industry! Delivers powerful airflow,...
  • A favorite with stylists! Create brilliant shine, reduce static and frizz. Creates smooth, sleek...
  • Patented Turbo-Compressor technology delivers intense power with quiet airflow resulting in faster...

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Our first product comes from Sam Villa which might be well-known in professional salons but is less likely to be known at the consumer level.

This brand specializes in producing professional styling product, so unless you are a professional hair stylist or have done your research, you might be familiar with the brand name.

​However, this hair dryer does everything you want a professional product to do and then some. First, this is one of the few products on our list to come with multiple attachments.

You can use either the diffuser to spread the air flow and heat around or the concentrator to shoot channels of air.

​Moreover, this hair dryer also features three temperature settings and two-speed settings, so you can best control how to dry your hair.

However, you might want to be careful, because the hot temperature setting on this hair dryer is noted for being hotter than most and may dry fine hair.

In fact, even the medium heat setting might be too much if you have both fine hair and hair damaged by other styling products.

This is all the more surprising considering that this hair dryer does not meet the technical standards of professional power, producing only 1750 watts.​


  • Weighs less than 1 pound
  • Comes with numerous speed and heat settings
  • Comes with a number of attachments beneficial for fine hair


  • A tad underpowered at 1750 watts
  • The most expensive hair dryer on our list
  • The hot setting may be a bit too hot for fine hair

Twin Turbo 3200 Ceramic and Ionic Professional Hair Dryer, 1900 Watt

No products found.

​Twin Turbo is one of the higher grades of Turbo Power brand hair dryers. For anyone who is familiar with professional grade hair dryers, you will recognize Turbo Power as the brand that manufactures its products in Italy, a region known for its high standards of beauty and fashion.

​The Twin Turbo 3200 is no exception to this high standard. First, it features a powerful motor of 1900 watts.

This is the second most powerful motor on our list, but it still provides enough delicacy to prevent your fine hair from being damaged. It accomplishes this task by providing four different heat settings as well as an instant cold setting.

This gives you the wiggle room necessary to find the right heat setting. Whereas the previous product is only appropriate for all fine hair types at the lowest setting.

Some can use the medium setting, the additional heat setting on the Twin Turbo 3200 gives you a better range of heat. You will still want to avoid the hottest setting unless time is of the essence.​

This product also features multiple forms of ionizing the air flow. First, the heating element is made from ceramic which is both excellent at ionization but also lightweight.

Moreover, the AC motor provides consistent heat while prolonging the motor’s life. Furthermore, the anti-overheating device is ideal for people with fine hair worried about damage.​


  • 1900 watts is professional grade
  • Numerous temperature and speed settings
  • Features ceramic and ionic heating elements


  • A fairly expensive hair dryer
  • At 1.5 pounds, this is a tad heavier than one might prefer
  • The attachments are not well-designed and get too hot or fall off

RUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

No products found.

​Rusk is a well-known brand to consumers and professionals alike. This brand produces a number of hair styling products that have earned a reputation for providing excellent results at a high, but comparable, reasonable price.

​For fine hair, this may be the best hair dryer on our list, though it comes with a few caveats that you will need to keep in mind. First, at 2000 watts, this hair dryer provides more power and durability than any hair dryer on our list.

However, all of this power does not necessarily mean that you have to worry about the Rusk frying your fine hair.

​This product is also the only one on our list that uses infrared heating. This will help prevent damage done to your hair while also improving the drying time as it dries your hair from the inside out. However, if you plan on using the Rusk, expect to invest in this product.

​First, while it is not the highest priced, it is still somewhat expensive. It is a legitimately professional product, so you get what you pay for. However, you will also need to invest time.

First, the air flow is lower than most, and the heat settings including the maximum heat setting are also lower than that found on other models.

While this works amazingly to ensure you do not damage your hair, it is less than ideal if you are running late and need to fry your hair in a hurry.


  • 2000 watts is the most on our list and plenty for professional purposes
  • Uses infrared heat to dry your hair from the inside out and avoid damaging fine hair
  • Ceramic and tourmaline provide plenty of negative ions


  • A somewhat expensive hair dryer
  • The air flow is a bit slower than most
  • The maximum heat setting is lower than most other hair dryers

JINRI JR-052 1875W Professional Salon Hair Dryer

Jinri Hair Dryer Sterilization Professional Salon Ionic Sterilization Blow Dryer with 2 Speed and 3...
  • Durable AC Motor realeases fast ionic drying and strong air flow for thick hair, bring...
  • Ceramic Negative Ions features to keep healthy hair, resulting in softer, healthier hair with less...
  • 2 Speed (HIGH/LOW/OFF) and 3 Heating settings (HIGH/MED/LOW) let you drying and styling flexibility.

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​JINRI is another professional brand of a hair dryer, though the manufacturer offers a wide range of options for all types of consumers.

In fact, this hair dryer is our best budget option, providing many of the same features you would expect to find on more expensive models for a fraction of the cost.

​However, to keep the cost so low, the JINRI does suffer in regards to the motor. Oddly enough, it is not the power that suffers on this model, which comes in at a professional standard of 1875 watts, but the power draw.

​Specifically, the JINRI is the only hair dryer on our list that uses a DC motor. This can cause problems as DC motors will not produce as consistent of heating results as AC motors.

Moreover, DC motors are not nearly as durable as AC motors. Though, for the price, this can be seen as an excellent investment and great value.

​However, you may have to spend more time drying your hair with the JINRI as this product does not utilize ionic features on or near the heating element.

Instead, the ionic features are ingrained into the attachments, which makes them a near necessity and provides less ionization in general.

This can create a double whammy situation due to the JINRI’s weight of 2 pounds which is the heaviest on our list.


  • The least expensive product on our list
  • 1875 watts is the standard professional floor
  • Comes with numerous settings and an attachment


  • The heaviest hair dryer on our list
  • The DC motor does not produce as consistent heat and will not last as long
  • The ionic features are not embedded in or near the heating element


​As we can see, a couple of different features will weigh heavily in determining which hair dryer for fine hair is right for you.

While a professional level of wattage is convenient for when you need to get in and get out and are willing to accept a bit of damage for expediency, this is not necessarily the most important factor.

​Hair dryers which use one or more form of ionization can cut your drying time in half while also leaving your hair silky and shiny. Moreover, if you can find a hair dryer with infrared heating, you will cut down your risk of damage dramatically.

​Of course, the price is always a factor, so it is important to understand what you need from your hair dryer before investing a chunk of change in a product that might do more than you require.

Either way, with our buyer’s guide and list, you should feel confident you can now make an informed choice and find the hair dryer that is best for you.

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