Best Hot Rollers For Thick Hair In 2020

Spending hundreds of dollars just to have your thick hair curly isn't necessary when you achieve salon quality results at home. The only requirement is a set of the appropriate hot rollers. Here's a buyer's guide and a review of the best hot rollers for thick hair.

Many hot rollers have almost similar features. Your decision, however, depends on the style you want and the hair type. Apart from these two considerations, the following are other factors to consider while buying a hot roller.

Material Make of the Hot Roller

Hot rollers come in various sizes and materials. Hair prone to dryness, frizz, and split ends need a roller that has safety materials like ceramic and tourmaline.

They heat the hair from the inside, leaving the outside part staying healthy and shiny. Ionic, infrared and titanium technology hot rollers are also the best choice for perfectly moisturized and sectioned hair.

Other rollers heat the hair from outside leaving them dry with lots of split ends. Caution should be taken when using titanium and infrared hot rollers. They shouldn't get as hot as the other rollers when one is using them. They are potentially harmful.

Number of Rollers

The number of hot rollers matters because different people have different types of hair with varied thickness. If your hair is thick, you want to buy a product that will sufficiently cover the whole of it.

Otherwise, you will be forced to buy several sets to curl your hair. This will eventually cost you more than if you had bought one with many rollers.

Roller Sizes

The many types of rollers available on the market have some models coming with only one size of curlers. This is not ideal for everyone, especially those with different hair lengths.

If your hair doesn't have the same length, you will want rollers that have medium and large sizes. Large sized rollers on short hair will hardly hold or achieve any curling result.

The best choice is to buy rollers that have different sizes for convenience. Also, if your hair is shoulder length, you should go with medium diameter rollers. Hair longer than that require rollers that are at least an inch in diameter.

Time it Takes to Heat

The heat up time of the rollers is crucial. Some rollers will take lots of time to heat up, wasting much of your time. Standing around waiting for the rollers to gain enough heat shouldn't be an option.

Choose the best hot roller, which heats up quickly. Get a hot roller that attains the optimum temperature in less than two minutes. Also, consider how long the rollers take to cool down. Some models take up to twenty minutes or longer; this is a long time to attain perfect curls.

Temperature Setting

Typically, most hot rollers will come with only one temperature setting. However, some models offer room for temperature adjustments. These types allow you to set the heat between various degrees to fit your preference.

Others offer more than the low, medium and high-temperature settings. Why choose a hot roller with different heat modes? Not all hair is the same. Some have different textures while in some, the hair is layered.

As such, it is only ideal to adjust the temperature to ensure there are no potential damages caused to the softer hair or parts. A hot setting will be too much for fine hair like that on children, and to get curls without burning them, setting the temperature to a low mode is mandatory.

Benefits of Hot Rollers

Hot rollers, of all other styling tools on the market, are easy and fun to use. They produce some of the best, beautiful and bouncy curls regardless of the hair type. Hot rollers are also safe if compared to curling stoves or flat irons.

They create shiny and bouncy curls in less time compared to curling irons. They are also safe to use for the possibility of damaging your hair is greatly reduced. Also, risks of scalp or hands burning when using them are minimal.

Although they will often get extremely hot, their design that often incorporates softer materials ensures that the roller ends are always cool. The heat can be felt, but chances of getting burnt aren't severe like when you are using hot metal for curling.

Another reason for you to choose hot rollers is that you can do other things, like makeup, for example, as you wait for the hair to curl. Curling irons require you to continuously work on your hair, which will take lots of time if you have a mass of thick hair. By the time you finish, you will be so exhausted.

A luxurious set of hot rollers will last ages and are easy to maintain. One can easily clean them using water as they are not electronic unlike a curling iron, which is electric and can be easily damaged by the water. Also, hot rollers have beautiful designs and are easy to store.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by investing in a set of hot rollers.

Best Hot Rollers for Thick Hair

Infiniti Pro Hot Rollers

The Infiniti Pro by Conair offers a ton of features. The rollers are ceramic flocked to prevent your hair from burning.

In only two minutes, the rollers heat up, making your beauty routine less of a hassle. The Infiniti Pro offers different roller sizes and up to 12 temperature variations, which makes them the best on the market.

The Infinite Pro rollers are designed to infuse argan oil into your hair, making it well conditioned, gentle, curly and without any frizz.

Unlike other sets of metal rollers, this beauty product doesn't fry your hair or make your style too stiff and dry.

They are designed with claw-like clips, unlike the standard pins that are often used to keep the curlers firmly in place. The claws securely fit in place and ensure that no uncurling occurs.

Perhaps the only disadvantage, as noted by some users is the way the rollers are a bit heavy as compared to others.


  • check
    Offers 20 rollers
  • check
    Various heat settings achieved through the 12 modes available
  • check
    Claw-like clips to prevent uncurling


  • exclamation-triangle
    With the claw-like clips, the rollers are a bit difficult to use
  • exclamation-triangle
    The rollers feel heavy on the head when compared to others on the market
  • exclamation-triangle
    The clips leave a mark on the hair

Caruso Molecular Steam Hairsetter

The Caruso Molecular Steam Hairsetter is a highly versatile product with a set of 30 rollers that create strong, curly and bouncy hair. These rollers work well with most hair types even with the finest and thinnest hair.

The curling and moisturizing effect is achieved through steaming with rollers that heat up in less than a minute.

Perfectly spiral curls can be made with the Caruso rollers in between five and ten minutes, although, the process can be hastened using a hair dryer. It will get rid of the moisture quickly, giving you fast results.

You don't have to worry about short-lived curls for your thick hair while using the Caruso hot rollers. They will last for days.

This achievement is arrived at by using this particular model, which includes technology that enables hair curling from the shaft of the hair. Why others may prefer products like the Infiniti Pro is because of the heat setting. Caruso has only one.


  • check
    The model comes with 30 rollers ideal for a mass of hair
  • check
    Highly versatile and works with many hair textures
  • check
    Uses molecular steam technology for curling


  • exclamation-triangle
    Has only a single heat setting
  • exclamation-triangle
    Users complain of their hair staying too wet for long
  • exclamation-triangle
    The clips do not hold curlers securely

Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers

This model features 12 rollers that fully heat up in 3 minutes through a charging base the purchase comes with. They are available in two options, long and short ion rollers.

What makes this product stand out from the rest is the ability to curl your hair perfectly from the base to the end of hair strands and the process of removal that doesn't involve lots of tangling.

The Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers are an excellent choice for women with a lot of hair who worry about parts of their hair not getting rolled properly. The rollers are designed to work with most hair types including the coarse, short, layered among others.

The only setback to Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers is that they sometimes fail when used with extra-long hair. Also, the rollers are not the best for those with thin hair. The chances of the rollers falling off are high as they tend to be a bit heavy.


  • check
    Built with a design to maintain heat
  • check
    The design is small, which makes them the best for portability
  • check
    Works on most hair types


  • exclamation-triangle
    Not the best rollers for thin and or very long hair
  • exclamation-triangle
    Are heavy and will easily fall off

BabyBlissPRO Professional Jumbo Roller Hairsetter

BabyBlissPRO incorporates a far infrared heat technology design that works well with the elimination of hotspots in its rollers to keep your hair always safe. It features 20 rollers each with a titanium ceramic make, which rolls your hair into shiny and beautiful curls.

BabyBlissPRo comes with little sticks that close by themselves. They do not contain claws or clips that hold the curlers in place. One of the biggest benefits of this model is how it heats and curls your hair from the inside.

Equipped with an on/off switch and Nano Titanium technology, the generation of heat happens from inside. This is a great way to keep your hair from being brittle, dry and fizzy.

The sticks are available in two sizes for small and medium curls. They were designed not to hold much hair, which makes them stay tight to produce the best results. They are ideal for many hair types including the thin hardest-to-curl hairs. Perhaps the only downside is the heaviness of the hair setter.


  • check
    Self-curling sticks
  • check
    The Nano Titanium technology produces the best results
  • check
    Gentle on the hair


  • exclamation-triangle
    Some users claim they are cheaply made
  • exclamation-triangle
    They tend to get very hot and may burn your hands or scalp
  • exclamation-triangle
    The small sticks create tight curls

Remington Pro Series T Studio Thermaluxe

The Remington Pro Series is another set of rollers that will work well with your thick hair. Designed for different hair types, the set comes with 12 large size rollers and 8 medium size rollers.

They are electric and are all coated with ceramics to facilitate the heating of hair from the inside, which is ideal for minimizing frizz.

The rollers take up to a minute and a half to heat up and in only five minutes, you will have bouncy and elegant hair. This is a good time if you compare with other rollers, which take up to 30 minutes to achieve the desired style.

Remington Pro Series have small LED lamps that light up when the optimum temperature is reached. Its curlers are securely held in place by meticulously designed clips that help in perfectly sectioning your hair.

The only downside to this great product is the heating element. According to several testimonies, they only last for a few months.


  • check
    Has 20 rollers with large and medium sizes
  • check
    The ceramic rollers allow heating of hair from the inside
  • check
    They hold the hair perfectly


  • exclamation-triangle
    It tends to get very hot at times
  • exclamation-triangle
    Heating element isn't that durable


Hot rollers are available in a variety of sizes, however, the choice depends entirely on you and your hair type. For your thick hair, you want a product with more rollers and clips that hold tightly.

Consequently, you should consider titanium, ionic, ceramic or infrared rollers. They are among the few that have protective measures that will ensure your hair is safe and well moisturized apart from preventing split ends and minimizing frizzy looks.

The Infiniti Pro is one such good product. It has good number of rollers, is ceramic designed and has claw-like clips that hold the hair perfectly.

Also, it comes with 12 heat setting for different temperature variations. However, the other products on this review are equally some of the best. Hopefully, one of them will satisfy all your needs.

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