Best Lighted Makeup Mirror

Best Lighted Makeup Mirror In 2021

Lighted makeup mirrors allow for a more precise and perfected makeup application. Adding this tool to your beauty routine could save you time while helping you look your best. To find the best lighted makeup mirror suited to your preferences, it’s imperative that you compare all options available to you.

​The Benefits Of Having A Lighted Makeup Mirror

​Having a quality lighted makeup mirror is not simply for the convenience of application. Although it does beat having to stand in front of your bathroom mirror in an awkward, uncomfortable position every morning, a lighted makeup mirror is designed to provide you with a higher level of clarity and detail when applying your makeup as well.

​Delicate tasks, like applying eyeliner, are performed more easily with the use of this tool. Mistakes are less common and easier to prevent and repair so you may be less likely to start your day with an eye shadow smudge on your cheekbone which may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

​How To Use A Lighted Makeup Mirror

​If you’ve never used a lighted makeup mirror before, you may be wondering what to expect when you first unwrap it from the package. Depending on what you decide is the best-lighted makeup mirror for you, it will likely be quite compact and adjustable. Some are even battery-operated, so you don’t have to set up near an outlet.

Instead of setting it on your sink and bending down to see your face during makeup application, it is far more comfortable to have it at face level. Use a chair and sit in front of your sink, table, desk, or wherever else you prefer to apply your makeup. You also may have the option to mount it on a wall at eye level.

​How To Choose A Lighted Makeup Mirror

​With so many options available from different companies in the beauty market, choosing between lighted makeup mirrors can be difficult. While you shop, there are multiple attributes you may want to look for.

​Lighting: Many bathrooms and bedrooms have none-natural or non-fluorescent bulbs that give off a yellow hue instead of one which mimics the sun’s light.

If you’re getting ready in the morning to go out into the day, having a naturally lighted makeup mirror will allow you to see what you’ll look like to others under natural lighting or even fluorescent lighting and it’s easier to catch mistakes. Natural lighting also saves more energy than yellow tinted bulbs.

​Lighting Levels: Another consideration in the lighting category is whether or not you can adjust the level of lighting. Being able to dim the lighting may come in handy if you’re particularly sensitive to bright light, but don’t want to sacrifice a more precise makeup look.

In addition to this, you can adjust the light setting to whatever setting you’re going out to. If you are going to a club at night, dimming the light will allow you to represent how your makeup will look in that setting more accurately.

​Magnification: If you prefer it, you may select a mirror that is double-sided or has a magnification option. The heightened magnification option will allow you to confidently and accurately perform tasks such as shaping your eyebrows or drawing flawless lines or shadows.

If you are focused on a specific part of the face, rather than the whole, this is an ideal attribute to look for. Magnifying Lighted makeup mirrors are also ideal for people who struggle to see up close. Here is an informative YouTube video on the advantages of having a magnified lighted makeup mirror:

​Portability: You may desire a lighted make up mirror that you can carry around with you. If this is so, search for mirrors that are compact and battery-operated. If you like to move from your bathroom to your bedroom or live with someone who shares the same space, a portable lighted makeup mirror may be the way to go.

​Size: You may want to consider how large of space you have to work in and how large you want your lighted makeup mirror to be. Some prefer something more compact to travel around with them, and some prefer something that is larger and provides more clarity without the need to move it around from room to room.

​Adjustability: Many lighted makeup mirrors have the option of an adjustable stand. With this, you can extend the neck of the mirror up, shrink it down, or tilt it from side to side to get a view best suited to you. Some products come with mirrors that open up to a larger surface area or swivel from side to side, as well.

​Price: Finding the best-lighted makeup mirror for you for the best value may be important to you. No matter what your budget, there will likely be options to choose from that fit your price range. Lighted makeup mirror pricing is a wide range, and it’s important to make sure you are investing in a quality product.

​Keep these attributes in mind while comparing different products. Here are five, high-quality lighted makeup mirrors that may be worthy of your consideration.

Kedsum 6.8″ 10X Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

​The Kedsum Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror in 6.8″ 10X is compact with natural lighting and is operated by a battery. Mirror rotation is 360 degrees, and it’s equipped with a suction cup bottom.


  • A suction cup bottom allows for customized, convenient mounting on a bathroom wall or any other clean service.
  • The 360-degree rotation allows for detailed viewing of different angles of the face.
  • 6.8″ is compact and portable and would make this product easy to travel with or move.


  • Is not two-sided and does not have a non-magnified option, so this may prevent you from seeing the whole picture of your finished face.
  • Its compact size may deter you if portability is not an issue for you and you’re looking for something larger.
  • Magnification is only at 10X, and some may need a stronger power of magnification for performing detail-oriented tasks, like plucking eyebrows.

ASSIS Lighted Makeup Mirror

Assis Lighted Makeup Mirror has adjustable fluorescent lighting that is glare-free and controlled with touch-sensor buttons. This mirror is equipped with the option to set up on a desk-like surface or mount on a wall. The high-quality mirror is 11″ and comes with a smaller 10X magnified spot mirror.​


  • The 16 LED fluorescent lights built-in can produce either warm natural lighting or cool natural lighting in a way that will mimic whatever environmental setting you’ll be in.
  • This mirror’s sensor buttons are highly convenient and can be dimmed by simply lightly pressing and holding over the sensor. This makes adjusting the settings very easy.
  • This is a larger, non-magnified lighted makeup mirror that comes with a smaller magnified mirror for more detail, so it allows you to see both the whole face and pay attention to the smaller details that you want to.
  • It can be powered by either batteries or USB, so this makes the bonus of portability an option.


  • You do not have the option to bend this mirror back or forward which may cause some frustration for difficult to see angles on the face.
  • If you want something smaller for easy portability, this may not be a good fit. At 11″, it’s not the smallest lighted makeup mirror available to you.
  • This mirror is not double-sided which you may find inconvenient if you like to switch between magnified and non-magnified views.

Vanity Girl Hollywood Starlet Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

​This lighted makeup mirror has a solid, ornate silver frame and a top-quality mirror with options to dim lighting on its sides. As a larger mirror, this is 25″ wide by 18″ high.


  • It has a beautiful design with a decorative frame that may lend you more options for placement in your residence and look better wherever it’s set up.
  • At 25″ wide and 18″ high, seeing the whole face, and even shoulders is not a problem.
  • You have the option to utilize this on a stand or wall-mounted.
  • It has a dimming feature on the side which can be done at the touch of a button, providing for highly customized lighting.


  • As it is so large, portability is nearly out of the question. It is not a realistic or smart idea to purchase this product if you are looking to travel or move the mirror between rooms often.
  • The mirror’s stand is not flexible and does not allow for any rotation, which is another drawback if your goal is to pay attention to the smaller details.

Chende White Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror

This lighted makeup mirror comes with 14, dimmable LED bulbs and is elegantly designed. This piece comes with hooks to hang on a mirror or wall and is also designed to sit on a table. As a larger lighted makeup mirror, its measurements are 25.6″ high by 35″ wide.​


  • The elegant design of this mirror is more aesthetically pleasing than other lighted makeup mirrors.
  • The large mirror allows for a better overall picture of the face and makeup application than a smaller lighted makeup mirror.
  • Adjustable lights allow you to prepare to look your best for a variety of settings, both dark and bright.


  • The large mirror is not realistically portable and would not be recommended for those who want to travel often.
  • The mirror itself doesn’t rotate up or down for different angled views of the face, and the stand does not extend up or shrink down.


After comparing these different products, the one that meets the mark on all fronts is the Vanity Girl Hollywood Starlet Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror. This mirror, while not ultra-portable, is of the highest quality.

The lights have multiple dimming options. It even comes equipped with a smaller magnified mirror for more accurate makeup application. While this option is on the higher end of the price range, it’s a quality investment that pays off with the best makeup application results.​

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