Best Travel Hair Dryer

Best Travel Hair Dryer In 2020

Keeping up with your beauty routine while on a trip can seem challenging, but when you choose the right products, you can look as great as ever. One of the most important items to include on your list is a travel hair dryer and to help you, we have compiled the best travel hair dryers on the market.

Why Invest in a Travel Hair Dryer?

While some hotels may have hair dryers and that may seem like an easier option than packing your own hair dryer, hotel hair dryers are not always great quality, and because everyone has different textures and types of hair, it isn't guaranteed that the hair dryer will work well on your hair.

You may also find yourself in a place without one, and you could end up rushing around town to find one, which can be a costly and stressful experience.

What are the Advantages?

The advantage of having your own travel hair dryer is that you can be at peace that when you need hair to look perfect, you can. Taking the time to research the best hair dryer for your hair is important to ensure that you don't throw away your money.

For example, if you have thick and unruly curly hair, a travel hair dryer with a low range of temperatures isn't going to work well for your hair. This type of hair typically needs higher heat to get the smooth and well-kempt look.

Just as you take the time to find the hairbrush that will work well on your type of hair or the foundation that will match your skin, it takes time to know the best hair dryer for you.

You will be happy you took the time when you are able to achieve the perfect look for you, and this is one of the biggest advantages of taking a travel hair dryer on a trip you. You will always look good whenever you need to, even if you are far away from home.

What to Look For?

When you are looking for the ideal travel hair dryer for you, there a few features that you will want to consider. A travel hair dryer requires a couple of different features that may not be found on a regular one. To help give you an idea, the following features are things to keep an eye out for:

Folding handle

A folding handle is extremely helpful when it comes to fitting your hair dryer into a small bag. If you are traveling on a quick business trip, you may not like to bring a large suitcase. A folding handle will help the hair dryer to fit better, no matter what bag you bring.


While your favorite hair dryer at home may work amazingly, if it's a bulky item, you may find that it doesn't fit well in your travel bag and adds unwanted weight.

While shopping you may be tempted to buy a hair dryer with fancy features, but when it comes to packing for your trip, you will discover that lighter for travel is always better. Finding a lightweight hair dryer with enough power for your hair is ideal.


Getting a travel hair dryer made from quality materials is important. Durability is highly important in a hair dryer as it is something that needs to be often used. Materials such as ceramic, porcelain, or titanium are great quality. Try to avoid plastic, if possible.​


It is important to be careful about the voltage on the hair dryer as you want to avoid burning out your hair dryer while also being able to get enough power from your hair dryer, especially if you have thick crazy hair that needs high heat. Good voltage should be between 120-220 watts.

Can be used with an international adapter. Because you are shopping for a hair dryer for travel, it is important to keep in mind that you won't be able to use it just anywhere with the adapter it has.

You will need to buy a travel hair dryer that can work with an international adapter, so keep this in mind while shopping for the best travel hair dryer for you.

The on/off switch placed on the back of the hair travel dryer. While not the most important feature on a travel hair dryer, the placement of the on and off button can be extremely annoying if it switches on and off while you are trying to dry your hair.

A long cord

Most people like to dry their hair in front of a mirror, but sometimes hotels don't consider this when decorating and you may find the outlet far from the mirror. A long cord can help to ensure that you can have the heat and the mirror at the same time.

Various speeds

Sometimes while traveling, you may need to get ready in a hurry. Having the ability to turn up the speed and the heat can help you to get that perfectly put-together look while away from home.

Is it good for frizzy or static hair? People with hair that tends to frizz up in certain kinds of weather or due to hair dryers may want to look for the type of hair dryer that minimizes static or frizz with special tourmaline technology.

You may also want to consider travel hair dryers that have extra accessories. If you like the very polished and straight look, you may want to find one that has an attachable nozzle. You will also want to find one that is affordable yet that provides you with the features that you are looking for.

The Top Travel Hair Dryers

To provide you with an idea of what to look for and with a few options, here are the travel dryers that we consider to be the five best one's available today:​


Conair Vagabond Compact 1600 Watt Hair Dryer

Conair Vagabond Compact 1600 Watt Hair Dryer

This bright blue compact hair dryer is ideal for travel due to its small size and variety of features. With dual voltage, it works well for an international trip. The Conair Vagabond offers enough heat for thin to medium amount of hair.

One of the best things about this Conair Vagabond hair dryer is how lightweight it is. While it may not be as powerful as other hair dryers on our list, it's worth its weight for how easy it fits in your bag while traveling.​


  • Small and compact-a perfect travel size hair dryer
  • It's functional and effective for some hair types
  • It has dual voltage which means it will work well on foreign trips
  • It is priced affordably


  • It doesn't work well on thick and kinky hair
  • It may heat up a bit too much for comfort
  • Because it gets very hot, it may not work well for long hair

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer

This sleek, compact hair dryer is aesthetically pleasing while also providing top features. It has a small build which is important for travel, provides strong heat, and is quiet.

While it provides plenty of heat, it doesn't burn up too much-which is ideal for traveling, as you may have to pack your dryer quickly and it has a long cord which ensures that you can use it in a variety of places.

It packs a big punch for being a smaller hair dryer and offers strength and durability. It also comes with a nozzle for more control while blow-drying your hair.​


  • It works well on thicker and curly hair
  • It is small enough to carry in your travel bag
  • It doesn't get too hot even while using it for a while
  • The nozzle accessory helps users to have more control over their hair styling


  • Is not foldable
  • It is not as durable as other travel hair dryers
  • Air flow could be stronger

Ultra-Light Hair Dryer-Professional Blow Dryer-1875 Watt with Tourmaline Ionic Technology

Ultra-Light Hair Dryer-Professional Blow Dryer-1875 Watt with Tourmaline Ionic Technology

This travel hair dryer is a compact blow dryer that can fit in the majority of travel bags while still offering features that you could find on a normal blow dryer.

It has ceramic tourmaline technology which helps to eliminate static, and it has various speeds and settings, making it ideal for all kinds of hair types. For women or men who have frizzy or kinky hair, this special feature makes all the difference, as hair dryers can wreak havoc on these kinds of hair textures.​


  • It comes with a travel bag for safe keeping
  • Works quickly on thin to frizzy, curly hair
  • It leaves your hair looking professionally done


  • It is a little bit large for a travel dryer
  • It isn't dual voltage so be sure to bring an international adapter
  • It isn't foldable

Remington D5000 Compact Travel Dryer with Premium Chrome Accents

Remington D5000 Compact Travel Dryer with Premium Chrome Accents

This fun-looking travel hair dryer is just small enough to fit into your bag and is a stylish beauty product to take with you. It is red and white, and while this may be attractive for some, it may not be the color combination that suits every taste.

It has three different heat temperatures to ensure effective drying for a variety of hair types and also provides a cooling option. While it may not work well for being your go-to hair dryer at home, it provides enough power for women with hair with thin or medium thickness or to help dry their hair after showering in cold climates.​


  • It works well on thin to thick hair
  • It has an energy saving option
  • It is reliable and durable
  • It is lightweight


  • It's a noisy hair dryer
  • Some people may prefer more heat
  • It works well for travel, but not everyday use
  • The buttons are on the front of the hair dryer which may get in the way of the hair styling due to it being easier to turn it off and on accidentally

Revlon Soft Feel 1875W Travel Dryer RV499

Revlon Soft Feel 1875W Travel Dryer RV499

​This travel hair dryer is a fancy-looking hair dryer that while small offers quality. With its 1875 watts of power, it offers enough power for various types of hair textures.

It also comes with an airflow concentrator attachment so that you can style your hair and it also has a cold shot setting for those who prefer to use cool air. Because of its power, it works well for women with long hair who may find it difficult for "just" any hair dryer to work on.


  • It works well on thick long hair
  • It dries quickly
  • It is small enough to carry in your travel bag
  • Airflow is fast and works well


  • You will need to buy an adapter for international travel
  • It is a bit bulkier than some other travel hair dryers
  • The handle isn't foldable which may be a con for some travelers

In Conclusion

​When it comes to finding the right hair dryer for you, much of it depends on your preference and hair texture. With that being said, when you can find a hair dryer that offers great use without heating up, that can work on a variety of hair styles, and that fits in your travel bag, you know you have found a winner.

The winner of this list for us would have to be the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer because it offers enough power while not heating up too quickly. It also works well on thick and frizzy hair, which means that it will also work well on thinner hair. It is small enough to fit in your bag and also comes with a nozzle which is great for getting the perfectly-smooth look that many women love.

It combines many of our favorite features in one package, and that is what makes it a top buy for anyone who is searching for an ideal travel hair dryer.

While the Revlon Soft Feel is also a great purchase, it is a bit bigger than we would like for a travel hair dryer, which is why the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer is just perfect.​

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