Best Tubing Mascara

Best Tubing Mascara In 2021

‘Because you’re worth it’ – says a certain French cosmetics company, trying to convince you to purchase their products. However, there is some degree of truth to what seems like just a sales tactic.

We are indeed worth it, and we deserve to feel pretty from time to time. Thankfully, the world of makeup products offers a plethora of different solutions.

One of which is a tubing mascara, which can give your eyelashes that ‘wow’ effect everybody will compliment you on. When it comes to tubing mascaras, you have a lot of brands to choose from, at various price points. But which one is the best tubing mascara?

We have made a list of 5 mascaras that will satisfy your beauty needs, but first, let’s take at some important things related to this cosmetic product.

What Is Tubing Mascara?

Whether you use makeup often or not, you’re probably familiar with mascaras. They have been around for a long time, and they offer varying levels of effectiveness.

Tubing mascaras, on the other hand, are not something everyone is familiar with. Namely, because they haven’t been on the market that long. Tubing mascaras use an acrylic copolymer as one of their ingredients, which is crucial to giving you perfect eyelashes.

Once you’ve applied the mascara, the copolymers constrict on each of the lashes. In this way, each lash is equally coated, giving you better volume and length.

Tubing vs. Regular

While they look similar on the outside, there’s quite a bit of difference between regular and tubing mascaras. Regular mascaras use traditional waxes and oils, which can be hard to remove, and they can make lashes clump together.

To remove regular mascara, you need an eye makeup remover. Removing makeup can be a tedious process, and also a lengthy one if you’re not using quality products.

Tubing mascaras, on the other hand, use a different formulation that contains an acrylic copolymer, among other things. This type of mascara wraps itself around each lash, creating a ‘tube,’ hence the name.

Not only will this give you better volume, but it’s also easier to remove compared to regular mascaras. All you need is just water – and that’s it. Simply wash your face with water, and the mascara will come off easily.

You’ll notice little tubes coming off, and while you might think that your eyelashes are falling off, there’s no need to worry. That’s just the mascara doing its job.

Another difference between regular and tubing mascaras is that the latter tend to apply as a wet formula, so you have to wait a little bit for it to dry and shrink around the lashes.

Why Use Tubing Mascara?

There are many benefits to using a tubing mascara. For starters, it will give you better coverage, since the product can wrap itself around the entire surface of the eyelash.

The second benefit is that it’s less prone to smudging. Regular mascaras can smudge with a little bit of water from your eyes, while tubing mascara can withstand occasional tears more easily.

Finally, one of the most important benefits of tubing mascaras is their easy removal. Using just water will be better for your face instead of those makeup removal products that can sometimes be harsh for your skin.

A tubing mascara will be a good choice for those who like waterproof mascaras, but don’t like the process of taking them off.

Also, since this is a long-lasting product, you won’t have to worry about reapplying mascara throughout the day. This is something that happens a lot with regular mascaras, especially if you’re using lower-quality products.

Who Can Use Tubing Mascaras?

While you’re reading this, you might be wondering if a tubing mascara is right for you and your eyelashes. Well, the good news is that there are no special restrictions on using this product.

You can use it in the same way as you would use regular mascara. Furthermore, a tubing mascara will be good for those with sensitive little eyes, since the mascara won’t don’t flake off during the day.

Also, it won’t irritate your eyes, and overall, you will achieve a more striking effect. While a lot of tubing mascaras are simply applied directly to eyelashes, there are also products that have used slightly different applications.

For example, you have tubing mascaras that come with a primer. Putting the primer on is the first step, and after letting it sit for about 30 seconds, you apply the mascara itself.

In this way, you will get a better volume. Using a tubing mascara is recommended for anyone, but in some cases, it will be a much better option than regular mascara.

For example, if you have sensitive and/or watery eyes, this will be a good solution. Also, if you’re looking to achieve longer lashes, a tubing mascara can help you with that.

How To Identify Tubing Mascaras

When shopping for a new tubing mascara, you’ll find that they are not usually labeled as such. A lot of brands simply use their terminology to advertise the effects of the product.

 Another reason, perhaps, is that the word ‘tubing’ doesn’t sound as appealing as some other words do. For example, you’ll find mascaras labeled with words such as ‘polymers,’ ‘smudge-proof’, and ‘wash-proof.’

These mascaras can also have the phrases ‘high-tech’ and ‘easy to remove’ in their description, which implies that they use a different formulation than regular mascaras.

Best Tubing Mascaras

Now that we have learned something about tubing mascaras, we are ready to take a look at our pick of 5 tubing mascaras that can give you beautiful, voluminous eyelashes you’ve been dreaming of.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at five tubing mascaras and what they have to offer.

DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection

The first item on our list comes from DHC, and it’s their Perfect Pro Double Protection mascara.

This product feature has a water-resistant tube-technology formula designed to give you longer, better-looking eyelashes.

It will stay on an entire day, without any flaking or smearing. Applying is easy; first, you need to place the brush at the base of lashes, after which you gently sweep up to the tip.

As you would expect from a tubing mascara, removing is easy as well. The product is simply washed away with warm water, and it’s quite gentle to your eyes. No makeup remover is necessary.

Just make sure to smooth the mascara away using your fingertips. DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection uses a precise brush that will give you defined eyelashes, from root to tip.

This mascara is good for fine lashes, and it will give you a subtle curl for your eyelashes. But there are also some other things to consider, so let’s focus on the positives and negatives of this product:


  • The mascara is good for fine lashes.
  • Thanks to the water-resistant formula, you won’t get smudges on your face.
  • It will last all day, so there is no need for reapplying throughout the day.


  • The product has a higher price tag compared to some other tubing mascaras.

Clinique Lash Power Mascara

From the well-known brand, Clinique comes a compact tubing mascara in two different shades.

Namely, the Lash Power Mascara by Clinique is available in onyx and dark chocolate, so this will be a good product for those looking for a bit more versatility for their look.

Clinique claims that the mascara will stay on for 24 hours, which tells you a lot about their confidence in the quality of this product. Lash Power Mascara features a unique brush that will reach and lengthen even the tiniest lashes.

With this in mind, the application is easy, and the same goes for removing. Clinique recommends using fingertips to remove the mascara with bath temperature warm water.

Alternatively, you can use a cotton pad that has been wet with warm water, which you will then gently apply onto the lashes.


  • The mascara will stay on for 24 hours, so you don’t have to readjust it.
  • It won’t smudge from water, whether it’s from tears, humidity or rain.
  • Even the tiniest lashes will be coated.


  • You might have to apply more than one coat for the desired effect as the mascara is not the thickest.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara

Another mascara from a well-known brand. It’s the Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara, which offers a 15-hour staying power.

This will be enough to get you through the day, although those looking for a full-day coverage might not prefer it. Nevertheless, this is a good mascara that will give you fuller, lengthier eyelashes thanks to the micro-fiber bristles of the brush.

These will go deep into the lash bed, providing good separation of individual lashes so that they won’t clump together. Another interesting thing about this mascara is what Estee Lauder calls the “Smudge-Shield formula.”

What this means is that the formula has polymers that lock in the mascara so that it will stay on the lashes. The formula will resist high temperatures, as well as high humidity and perspiration.


  • It gives a rich coating thanks to the micro-fiber bristles of the brush.
  • The innovative Smudge-Shield formula locks in the mascara, providing a smudge-free look.
  • Resistant to high temperatures and humidity.


  • Not the best choice if you don’t have naturally curly eyelashes.

Trish McEvoy High-Volume Mascara

For a good mascara, it’s important that it’s dermatologist-tested and ophthalmologist-tested. That’s exactly what Trish McEvoy High-Volume Mascara is – a quality product that safe for your eyes and skin.

The product promises 24-hour staying power thanks to its innovative formula. It will stay that way, forming water-resistant tubes on your eyelashes, giving you that voluminous look.

The mascara itself comes in a deep black color, which the company calls ‘Jet Black.’ It has a very good volumizing effect, thanks to the precision brush which grabs lashes at the roots.

This practically means that you can apply the product even on the shortest lashes, which will give you a more dramatic look.

The brush is quite thin, giving you more precision and control when applying the mascara. And, what’s best, it will dry instantly, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time applying it.


  • The mascara dries instantly, reducing the time of application.
  • It has a thin wand, giving you better control.
  • Gives deep black color for dramatic effect.


  • Can be runny if you’re not careful with it.

Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara

A tubing mascara can also make your eyelashes curly, and one of such products is the Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara.

This is another product that comes in a dark black color, or Pitch Black, as they call it.

The mascara uses a specially designed brush that prevents flaking of the lashes, and you won’t have problems with them clumping up. Each lash will be separated, giving you a more voluminous look compared to regular mascaras.

Applying is easy and pretty straightforward. You only need one coat to achieve the desired effect. And the brush itself is sleek and thin so that you will have good control.

When it comes to the price, this is one of the pricier mascaras on the market, but it does have a lot to offer.

This product will appeal to those looking for a tubing mascara that’s specifically meant for curling eyelashes. And they will also love the full coverage thanks to the flake-free formula.


  • This product gives great volume.
  • The mascara features a specially designed brush, which applies the pigment without any flaking whatsoever.
  • It has a deep black color, so your eyes will be emphasized more.


  • Not suitable for those looking for curly effect on eyelashes.


There is a big choice of tubing mascaras available on the market, and we tried to narrow that down with these five mascaras.

Each one of them has its own set of benefits, as well as drawbacks. It’s difficult to pick just one as the best tubing mascara, as that will depend on your makeup preferences, and ultimately your budget.

However, we would choose the Clinique Lash Power Mascara as the one to recommend. It has an excellent long-wearing formula that will stay on for 24 hours, and it comes in a choice of two stylish colors that can fit any occasion.

Finally, it has a very good price/quality ratio, which ultimately makes it a tubing mascara that’s worth recommending.

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