Best White Eyeliner

Best White Eyeliner In 2021

White eyeliners can do so much for your look compared to other eyeliners because they don’t take as much limelight as darker liners do.

Gone are the days when the white liner was only used by models on runways, it has become a new trend, and more people have embraced its boldness.

Not only does it act as a highlighter, but it also brightens the eyes and helps them stand out.

Why Choose The White Eyeliner?

It’s exclusive of making your eyes stand out and brightening the eyes, it also makes you look awake and also reduces red eyes after a night out.

It also opens up the shape of your eyes which makes them sexy. However, if you are not able to apply then, it can look a bit strange.

Most people like black eyeliners because it makes their eyes look smaller. While white has the opposite effect, it makes your eyes look more alert which is a good thing.

This is because it emphasizes the shape of eyes making them look bigger and brighter.

White eyeliner will also make your other eye makeup pop, especially the mascara. When you apply lack mascara or eyeshadow against a white background, you will achieve a standout effect.

It also accentuates the eyes and eye shape. If you like to use less pigmented eyeshadow it will still make your eyes look more eye-catching and vibrant.

How To Choose White Eyeliner

Make Sure It’s Best For Your Waterline

Not all white eyeliner brands will work for your waterline, so you have to make sure that you can test or check the ingredients before buying. The last thing you need is to an eyeliner that irritates your eyes or doesn’t compliment your eyes.

Eyeliner Type

When it comes to buying an eyeliner, you have to check what type it is. There are two types; it could be liquid eyeliner or pencil liner. You have to choose the type you are most comfortable with.

Make sure you select the type you are used to if you are a beginner. Most people prefer pencil liner but if you are a pro at liquid eyeliner, then go for it.


Buy an eyeliner that suits your budget. Check whether it is premium and if the company offers bargains.

The Advantages Of Using White Eyeliner

  • Just like the black eyeliner, you can also use the white eyeliner to make a perfect cat eye. You can also use the liquid white eyeliner to achieve a chic layered look. If you want to complete a fabulous clean look, you can also use the liquid or white gel liner.
  • White eyeliner is the best choice to go with if you want to use eyeliner on your under the eye. It will brighten and accentuate your eyes, lashes and make your eye look wider and alert even when going for a late-night out
  • You can use it to highlight your brows by using it to line the top and bottom and blend it in with a sponge brush.

What To Look For In White Eyeliner

When you are looking for an eyeliner, first make sure that it can be used as a conventional eyeliner. This means that it can be applied by people with deep-set eyes and those with oriental eye type as well to make their eyes a tad bigger and nice looking.

Make sure it helps you reshape your lash line, and it can give you a dramatic and noticeable look whenever you are feeling a little wild. Also, make sure that the brand you choose can be blended with other types of eyeliner.

You should be able to use it in your inner eye corner, blend or smudge it with other colors. If you have small eyes, you need to make sure that you choose a white eyeliner that can be applied in the inner waterline to make your eyes appear bigger.

If you have big eyes, you don’t have to consider the waterline because it will only make your eyes look droopy and much bigger. Make sure you can be able to form color layers with the eyeliner if you prefer to make your eyes look incredible and dramatic.

Best Way To Use White Eyeliner

If you want a bright liner effect, you can line the upper lash line with a white pencil liner. However, you can also fill in the whole lid. To make it pop, apply your eyeshadow on top of the white liner to press the shadow into the liner. You can repeat the same steps along your lower lash line then add a coat of mascara, and your eyes will look amazing.

If you are using a white eyeliner pencil make sure you roll the pencil edge over the waterline and not the tip if you want to transfer the color efficiently. If the pencil is too thick apply with an eyeliner brush to get a fine line.

Controversy And Prerequisites To Using White Eyeliner

Contrary to popular belief, no eyeliner tints or soaks eyeshadow colors better than the white eyeliner.

If you are unable to find a specific shade color, just line or dust the white eyeliner with a particular color of choice, and you’ll make the color vary. 

Plus, using the liner with eyeshadow makes the color stay intact all day long. So you can use the white eyeliner as a base or primer for your eyeshadow colors.

All you have to is paint the eyeliner then cover it with the color you prefer, and you will modify your appearance.

Top 5 Best White Eyeliners

Kohl Pencil- Make Up For Ever

This pencil is in matte white. We love that it is reasonably priced and very straightforward with no frills. It delivers an incredibly smooth texture that can go with diverse looks, from subtle to dramatic. It pops on the waterline because it smoothly glides on the waterline and delivers a pigmented pay off.

If you prefer to build intensity, this pencil allows you to control how little or how much you prefer, despite the fact that it offers a strongly pigmented payoff even after easy application of the pencil. If you have a thin or sensitive waterline around or inside your eye, this pencil is excellent for you.

It has plethora which makes it a fantastic moisturizer. It also has jojoba oil that keeps the skin around the eyes hydrated. It is our best pick because it packs a punch when it comes to pigment, application, hydration, and lasting power.


  • Lasts all day
  • Have hydrating ingredients
  • You can use for subtle and dramatic effect as well
  • Reasonably priced


  • Little tricky when sharpening it

NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil

The best thing about this pencil is the fact that it’s mechanical and doesn’t have to be sharpened. It is also waterproof which makes it the perfect waterline friendly pencil. The fact that it’s waterproof makes it long-lasting.

It has a creamy texture and moisturizing properties. The white color is highly pigmented and pops after a couple of skin swatches. You can easily get a more dramatic or subtle effect with this pencil.

It has smudge-proof abilities that prevent bleeding of white pigment into any darker liner or shadow on the lash line. It is pro-quality and affordable, and it’s also a great product.


  • Stays on for long and quite well
  • No cakey feeling and doesn’t irritate the eyes
  • It is a much cheaper alternative to expensive brands


  • Tends to be a little flaky and appears gunky

Mac Pro Chromagraphic Pencil

Mac is famous for having some of the tops of the line cosmetics, and their white liner is also incredible. This chromatographic pencil stands out the rest because it is pure white. It is ideal as a liner or to define and outline because it is a pigment-rich pencil.

The pencil is a creamy soft-point that gives you a bold, smooth application with a perfectly-defined pigment-rich line. This pencil is ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested which makes it safe for people with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

It is also long-lasting and waterproof and perfect for a dramatic look. You can use it to outline creases in the shadows or make a dramatic white cat-eye because it has a highly pigmented color.

The pencil glides on fantastically and quickly with no gunky buildup because it is smooth and ultra-creamy. It is a little expensive, but its strength and versatility make it easy.


  • Perfect for both amateurs professionals
  • Easy to apply
  • Has long-lasting properties
  • Glides easily


  • Expensive compared to other white eyeliners

Wet and Wild Color Icon Pencil

This is also a very affordable white eyeliner. You can literally buy it for the price of a burger. It offers 12 hours of highly pigmented creamy application that is smudge-proof. However, 12 hours may not be enough when you consider factors like water and heat.

Compared to other white eyeliners, it doesn’t have the same highly pigmented quality however it can be built to make the best eye-opening effect. It still serves the same purpose as other white eyeliners and the best thing is that it wet and wild cosmetics give the best quality.


  • Can last for up to 12 hours
  • It is smudge-proof
  • Low price compared to other eyeliners


  • Doesn’t learn all-day
  • Isn’t as highly-pigmented compared to others

Too Faced Bulletproof Eyeliner

Compared to the above eyeliners, this eyeliner has a very long-lasting effect. Even though it looks so sheer and super pigmented its quality is awe-inspiring. The swatch doesn’t budge for a long time. The best quality of about this product is the fact that you can also double up as an eyeshadow.

This pencil is dual-tipped and has a smudge tool that makes it create a fantastic diffused look. You can use it on your waterline and lid as well because it has shimmer in its pigment which gives it a soft and ethereal finish.

Compared to the others it is a fatter pencil which makes it possible to be used as a liner because it’s quicker to apply on the eyelid. It has a smudge tip applicator that can be popped out for the pencil tip to create precise lines.

In 60 seconds the color locks down, and it doesn’t budge or smudge after that, which means that the liner stays put all day long. For a brand like Too Faced, it is not ridiculously overpriced.


  • It is smudged and budge-proof
  • Long-lasting
  • Fairly priced
  • Can be quickly applied on the lid
  • Also, doubles as an eyeshadow


  • May not compliment some skin tones

Final Verdict

Whatever white eyeliner you choose always to complete your look, make sure that it can last you a long while and that it’s safe.

Always consider the quality before you select the right one and make sure that the brand you choose comes hand in hand with a safety precaution.

You can always check the reviews before you buy any of the eyeliners.

Our favorite pick is the makeup forever Kohl pencil because it is matte white compared to the other eyeliners.

We love the fact that it is highly pigmented yet reasonably priced. It is also very straightforward which makes it very efficient.

You can use it to achieve a subtle effect for a professional event and use it to achieve a dramatic effect for a night out with your girls.

The exceptionally smooth texture of the pencil is also very impressive. Compared to the other brands, it the perfect fit for achieving a more intense and strongly pigmented look.

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