Are Acrylic Nails Vegan

Are Acrylic Nails Vegan?

Vegan-friendly products do exist, but a vast majority of salons are still using non-vegan equipment and it all depends on the products your nail technician uses. As a cosmetologist in training, I get asked about vegan nail products quite frequently. Vegan beauty trends are on the rise! More and more people are looking for animal-friendly …

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Can You Bleach Wet Hair

Can You Bleach Wet Hair?

You can apply bleaching products to damp hair and experience some lightening effects. In fact, some new-age styling techniques call for damp hair. However, you should never try to bleach wet hair on your own. I hear this question all the time. As an up-and-coming cosmetologist, I have the privilege of learning about all kinds …

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Can You Dye Greasy Hair

Can You Dye Greasy Hair?

You can get some pretty incredible results with a little bit of natural oil in your hair. But, excessive saturation will cause more problems than it solves. It all depends on the overall “dirtiness” of your hair. As a budding cosmetologist, I get to work with many people with all kinds of hair types. I …

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How Long Does Hair Dye Last

How Long Does Hair Dye Last?

Typically, your average permanent hair dye will start to fade after about four weeks. But of course, many factors determine your dye’s longevity. I get asked about hair dye a lot. As a budding cosmetologist, it’s my go-to! Hair color is a multi-billion dollar industry, so it’s no surprise that this is a question on …

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Are Blonde Eyelashes Rare

Are Blonde Eyelashes Rare?

While they are pretty common to those with lighter locks, blonde lashes occur less frequently than dark ones. As a training cosmetologist, I hear people ask this question a lot. You often hear it most from those who already have blonde eyelashes. Despite what most would think, it’s usually not a weird flex or a …

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Airbrush Tan Vs Spray Tan

Airbrush Tan Vs Spray Tan

In this guide, we’re going to compare airbrush tans and spray tans. Contrary to popular belief, these two tanning methods are not the same. As a tanning enthusiast, I hear people mixing these two up all the time. Both options can help you achieve an artificial tan without the use of harmful UV rays. They …

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