Can You Dye Your Hair Twice In One Day

Can You Dye Your Hair Twice In One Day?

Most experts recommend that you don’t! Technically speaking, it’s possible to complete two dye jobs using certain types of dye. But even then, there’s a genuine risk of damage.

As an up-and-coming cosmetologist, I get same-day requests like this pretty frequently. It’s not uncommon to seek multiple treatments in one sitting. You may want to lift your hair before dying it to achieve a certain level of vibrancy.

However, doing so can lead to some serious damage! Most people don’t realize the kinds of trauma hair goes through when infusing it with dye.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about how hair dye works and how long you should wait between color changes.

How Dye Damages Your Hair

Ever wonder what dye actually does to your hair? Whether you dye it at home or professional salon, the nitty-gritty isn’t very pretty!

Most permanent hair dyes penetrate the outer layer of your hair strand called the cuticle, this layer protects the inner cortex from damage.

Using hydrogen peroxide to oxidize the existing pigment and open the cuticle, the hair dye infuses the cortex with pigment. After that, the forthcoming treatments seal the cuticle and lock everything in. All this happens on a microscopic level, but the damage is still done.

The hair dye does a lot more than just recolor your locks. The chemical ingredients within the dye are incredibly drying. They strip your hair of the protective lipid layers. The lipid layer is a protective buffer of fat that prevents moisture loss.

Contrary to popular belief, most people don’t see their hair “fall out.” However, the lack of moisture protection is so drying that the hair strands become brittle enough to snap off!

Another potential problem is damage to the keratin bonds. Keratins are amino acids that form your hair structure, providing both elasticity and strength. The pH change that occurs with dying ruins the bonds, which may ultimately cause irreversible damage!

On top of all that, you may experience scalp irritation, redness, and inflammation!

So, can you dye your hair twice in one day? Nothing is stopping you. But if all this damage can occur in a single dye job, imagine what happens when you overdo it!

Dyeing your hair is usually safe if some by a professional the right way. But if you attempt to dye your hair too much in a short period of time, you’re just asking for trouble!

Can You Dye Your Hair Twice In One Day

How Long Does Your Hair Need To Recover?

Now that you understand the damage that occurs when you dye your hair, how long should you wait between colorings?

At the very minimum, you should wait four weeks before dying your hair again. That’s the bare minimum. If you bleached your hair to lift it, you might want to wait even longer.

Several weeks of recovery time will allow the hair to recover enough to withstand another grueling chemical process. During this time, you should do things to restore the cuticle and lipid layer. Deep conditioning treatments and masks will hydrate chemically damaged hair, speed up the recovery time, and prevent any long-term damage.

How Different Dyes Affect Hair Health

When people ask me, “Can you dye your hair twice in one day,” I usually tell them that it’s a bad idea. The risks are simply not worth it in most cases. However, there are some ways to work around the damage issue if you have time constraints.

Semi-Permanent Dyes

Semi-permanent dyes are not as widespread as their permanent counterparts. That said, they can be a viable option for those who need to dye their hair twice in a single day.

You see, semi-permanent dyes work a little differently. They do not open the cuticle entirely. Rather, they rely on color-depositing technology. The cuticle opens slightly, but most of the pigments just sit on top of the strand. As a result, it’s far less damaging than a permanent dye.

Keep in mind, semi-permanent products are not “damage-free,” as some would lead you to believe. They’re still not particularly good for your hair. Combining two semi-permanent dye jobs in one sitting has damage levels closer to a single permanent dye job.

Whether or not that tradeoff is worth it is up to you.

There is, however, one caveat: Semi-permanent dye doesn’t last nearly as long as a permanent dye. It only lasts for four to six shampoos. That’s a far cry from the 28 washes that permanent dye lasts through before it starts fading.

Demi-Permanent Hair Dyes

If you want to decrease the level of damage even further, consider a demi-permanent dye. Demi-permanent products only penetrate the outermost layer of the cuticle. They do not penetrate the shaft entirely, which limits the level of damage quite a bit.

Again, there is some damage involved. Most professionals would agree that it’s more damaging than semi-permanent dye. But compared to permanent color, it’s much less noticeable. On average, demi-permanent treatments will last 12 to 24 washes before needing a touch-up.

Can you dye your hair twice in one day with demi-permanent products? Interestingly enough, many salon professionals use demi-permanent dyes for this very purpose. It’s a good choice for those who undergo a perming or relaxing treatment. As long as the scalp is not irritated, the level of damage from the demi-permanent dyes is not enough to cause any major problems when used on the same day.

Can You Dye Your Hair Twice In One Day

Combating Damage from Multi-Step Coloring

Whether you dye your hair on the same day or not, preparation and maintenance are key! Hair damage is something that we all have to settle for when deciding to infuse a little color in our locks. But, there are ways to minimize the effects and protect your hair.

Don’t Shampoo Before Coloring

Here’s a mistake that almost everyone makes! You should never shampoo your hair before dyeing. Most stylists recommend giving your hair 24 to 48 hours of shampoo-free care.

Why? It’s all about those natural oils!

You want as much natural and protective oil as possible to combat the drying effects of dyeing. If you shampoo directly beforehand, the damage will be much worse!

Deep Conditioning

After letting your freshly dyed hair recover a few days, whip out the deep conditioner! Deep conditioners give your hair a much-needed moisture boost. Not only that, but they help restore lost nutrients from the dye job.

Aim to deep condition regularly. The process may even help to preserve your color for much longer.

Hot Oil Treatments

Like deep conditioning, oil treatments are all about restoring the health of your hair. In this case, the goal is to repair the damaged cuticle.

Hot oil treatments seal the hair shaft. As a result, your moisturizing endeavors are more effective and long-lasting. Do the hot oil treatments after deep conditioning for the best results!


Can you dye your hair twice in one day? It is possible to complete two dye jobs using semi- or demi-permanent hair dyes. However, it’s much better to wait at least four weeks between each coloring session. Coloring twice in one day increases your risks of permanent hair damage even if you use gentler dyes.

Don’t rush your hair color journey! No matter how strong and capable you think your hair is, there’s always a risk of trouble. Give it some time to breathe and recover. Be patient, and you can get your dream color without all of the damage.

Pick yourself up some deep conditioning and hot oil treatments, too! They will work wonders to restore your hair and keep it healthy!

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