Can You Swim With Eyelash Extensions

Can You Swim With Eyelash Extensions?

Hitting the beach or the pool? Of course, you want to look your best, but that’s kind of hard to do when you jump into the water to cool off and your eye makeup rubs off (and there’s nothing more embarrassing than thinking you’re looking cute and then realizing that you’ve looked like a raccoon for hours after).

Fortunately, there’s a way that you can maintain that temptress, doe-eyed look without running the risk of looking like a “trash panda”; and no, it isn’t waterproof mascara (because it doesn’t always work, and those that do can be pretty darn difficult to take off at the end of the day)

So, what’s the solution? Eyelash extensions! One of the biggest advantages of wearing eyelash extensions (especially if they’re high-quality, semi-permanent) is that you can have those luscious, come-hither eyes without having to worry about coating on the mascara. 

While there’s no doubt that eyelash extensions are one of the greatest inventions the beauty industry has ever created, a lot of people wonder ask: “Can you swim with eyelash extensions?” 

A lot of people assume that you can’t, but the truth is, you can; as long as you take the right precautions. What do those precautions entail? Here’s a look at some simple tips that you can use to stay cool all summer long without having to worry about damaging your false lashes. 

Tip 1: Don’t Rub Or Wipe

Perhaps the most obvious and easiest way to avoid damaging your artificial eyelashes while you’re swimming is to simply avoid rubbing or wiping them; heck, you’re pretty much guaranteed to pull out your natural lashes when you rub or wipe them.

But how do you wipe the water from your eyes when you’re swimming? Blot them! Use a soft, clean, lint-free towel or cloth and gently blot your eyes to remove any water from your lashes. 

Tip 2: Wear Protective Goggles 

Chlorine and saltwater can be damaging to artificial lashes, but applying a protective coating can keep that damage at bay. Put on a pair of high-quality goggles before you jump into the water; we highly recommend DYS Fake Eyelash Protector. The strap is adjustable so you can get a comfortable fit and the silicone cups won’t allow a single drop of water to seep through. 

Tip 3: Use Premium-Quality Glue

A lot of people assume that all eyelash extension glue is the same, but the truth is, it isn’t. Some brands are better than others, and while you might have to pay a bit more for a better-quality lash extension glue or if you want your lashes to say in place while you’re swimming, spending a few extra bucks will totally be worth it. We’re big fans of Lash Expert’s Eyelash Extension Glue. It dries almost instantly, it’s super strong, and it’s formaldehyde-free, so you won’t have to worry about any irritation. 

Tip 4: Wait Before You Swim

Even if you’re using a high-quality, instant dry glue, you should really wait before you dive into the water. Apply your lashes at least 24 hours (48 hours is even better) before you plan on swimming to ensure that the glue is set. 

Final Thoughts

So, can you swim with eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can! As long as you make sure to take the right care before, during, and after swimming.

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