Can You Use Eye Drops With Eyelash Extensions

Can You Use Eye Drops With Eyelash Extensions?

As spring rolls past and the fall season is getting underway, the time for seasonal allergies has many already stocking up on eye drops. Allergies are always a distraction, but if you wear eyelash extensions you have additional complications to think about. 

If you are a lash professional or if you are a regular user of eyelash extensions, then you are already aware of how much pulling or rubbing can affect the extensions.

In addition to the additions, the natural lashes can suffer due to excessive wear and tear. One common method of soothing dry eyes is by using eye drops. While this may help ease dryness, it can have a different effect on the eyelash extensions. 

How Do Eye Drops Affect Eyelash Extensions

You should be very wary of using eye drops when you have lash extensions, especially, immediately following a new application. If you use eye drops right after getting extensions, there is a good chance that the lashes will bond.

The glue takes some time to dry and using eye drops will prevent the glue from drying correctly. It is best to avoid using eye drops when you have eyelash extensions, but if you must use them, wait until the glue has dried for a few hours.

Eye drops should also be applied carefully to the inside of the eye, and not around the eye or on the lashes. 

Will Watery Eyes Affect Lash Extensions?

Eye drops offer moisture to the eye that can cause the glue to fail. When extensions are installed, a nano-mister is used to cure the glue, however, it is in a much lighter concentration than tears or eye drops.

Crying, watery eyes, and other types of moisture will also cause eyelash extensions to fail. Make sure that if your eyes do become wet to use silk or microfiber to dry them in patting motions instead of other materials. 

Why Do Eye Drops Destroy Lash Extensions?

In most cases, saline is part of eye drops or contact solutions. This helps to lubricate the eye and kill bacteria, however salt, the main ingredient in saline is harmful to extension glue.

Salt and Cyanoacrylate don’t mix well together which is why it is not recommended to use eye drops when you have eyelash extensions. The salt from the saline solution in the eye drop will dry out the hair of the lashes and cause them to become brittle.

Lashes that are dried out are more susceptible to falling off. In fact, to remove eyelash extensions, most technicians will coat the lashes in saline and then gently brush the extra hair away. 

Can You Wear Eyelash Extensions With Dry Eyes?

If you suffer from dry eyes that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to wear eyelash extensions. You will simply have to use extra care of the lash extensions and ensure they do not get an eye drop solution on them when hydrating your eyes.

Make a point of not getting them wet for at least 48 hours following applications and use eye drops with care and only sparingly.

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