Do Eyelashes Grow Back If Cut

Do Eyelashes Grow Back If Cut?

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Whether that’s true or not nobody really knows, but what we do know is that the eyes have a huge impact on the way a person looks; particularly women.

What’s one of the most prominent features of the eyes? – The lashes! Long, voluminous, perfectly curled lashes are the desire of most women.

Why? – Because they create that “doe-eyed” look that has become the symbol of femininity. Just look at all of the Disney Princesses, Jessica Rabbit from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, Betty Boop, and of course, real-life women, such as Marilyn Monroe (the poster woman for womanliness), and of course, numerous other female icons and models; while all of them may have totally different looks, they have one thing in common: full, dark, and luscious lashes. 

While eyelashes are largely associated with beauty, their purpose is actually scientific. Firstly, they shield the eyes from fine particles, such as dust, sand, and other small airborne particles.

Secondly, their extremely sensitive to touch and can warn you of danger when something is within close proximity to your eyes, alerting you to close them. In fact, to humans, the function of eyelashes is similar to the function of whiskers to cats and dogs; they’re kind of like a “gatekeeper” of sorts for your eyes. 

Given how important eyelashes are, if you’ve recently lost them or accidentally shortened them, you may be wondering if they’ll grow back. Short or totally missing lashes can leave you feeling self-conscious. But more importantly, if you’re missing lashes, there’s a chance that your eye health could be at-risk.

So, whether you’ve recently had an accident with your eyelash curler, you had extensions on and a clump of your lashes came out when you took them off, or if you purposely cut them because you heard the old wives tale that trimming your lashes will make them come in thicker and more lush, read on to find out if your eyelashes will grow back or if you’re doomed to live the rest of your life lash-less. 

Common Reasons For Eyelash Loss

Before we answer the question, “Will eyelashes grow back when cut?”, let’s take a look at some of the common reasons for eyelash loss. 

One of the most common reasons for lash loss is eyelash curler misuse. An eyelash curler can go haywire, you may have used the curler after you put on mascara (that’s a big no-no, by the way), or you might apply too much pressure and bam! – when you remove the tool, you find that your lashes are perfectly curled, but instead of being on your eye, they’re stuck to the curler.

Excessive application of false eyelashes, improper removal, or using poor-quality adhesive is another common cause for lash loss. When you apply lash extensions for a prolonged period of time, there’s a definite chance that they eyelid itself can become irritated and the root of the lashes can be damaged, causing them to fall out. The same is true if you’re using a sub-par adhesive that is laden with chemicals, or if instead of following proper removal techniques, you yank them off instead. 

Burns are another common cause of eyelash loss. For example, if you’re standing too close to a barbecue, a fire pit, a gas stove-top, or you get too close to an open flame for any other reason, there’s definitely a chance that your lashes can become singed. 

Chemotherapy can also lead to eyelash loss. Unfortunately, hair loss is one of the most common side effects of this type of cancer treatment, and that includes the lashes. 

Lastly, some may attempt to cut their lashes on purpose. For instance, if your natural lashes are really long, you might actually find them to be detrimental; for example, they may get in the way of your glasses or distort your vision. Or, if you have short, thin lashes, you may have heard the old wives tale that trimming them will make them grow in fuller and thicker (that isn’t true, by the way). 

Do Eyelashes Grow Back? 

No matter the reason, if you’re missing lashes or they’re a lot shorter than they usually are, you may be feeling self-conscious about your appearance; after all, eyelashes are synonymous with femininity, which is why so many women desire long, dark, and voluminous lashes. 

So, do eyelashes grow back if cut? The good news is that, yes, they do (are you breathing a sigh of relief?)! The bad news, however, is that while they will most certainly grow back, you may be waiting a while. It usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the eyelashes do complete one full growth cycle.

What To Do In The Meantime? 

While it’s definitely good news that you won’t be lash-less forever, it is kind of a bummer that you’ll have to wait such a long time for them to grow back in. There are some things that you can do to speed up the growth cycle: 

Lash Growing Serum

To speed up the growth cycle, try applying an eyelash serum. These products are specially formulated with ingredients that increase the growth rate and many have shown positive results. We really like Essy Natural Eyelash Serum. It’s made with high-quality ingredients, is non-irritating, and is clinically proven to speed up the growth and promote thicker, fuller lashes. It’s also really easy to apply. 

Give Oil A Try

If you’d rather give the all-natural approach a try, instead of serum, use coconut or castor oil. Both have been found to yield positive results. Make sure to use a high-quality oil and that you avoid getting it into your eyes. 

Avoid Waterproof Mascara

While you’re lashes are growing back, you can apply mascara to make them appear thicker and fuller, but avoid waterproof formulas. They’re thicker and can stifle growth, and sticker, so they’re more difficult to remove and can actually end up yanking out your lashes. 

Apply False Lashes Or Extensions

While yes, false lashes and lash extensions can be damaging to your natural eyelashes, if they’re applied and removed properly, and high-quality adhesives are used, they can definitely be used to get you buy until your lashes grow back.

Use gentle, non-toxic lash glue and be sure to follow proper protocol when removing; don’t yank them, but instead, soak a cotton pad in oil-based makeup remover or coconut, baby, olive, or castor oil, close your eyes and hold the pad over your lashes for at least 20 seconds to loosen the glue and then gently peel them away. 

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