How Long Does Airbrush Makeup Last

How Long Does Airbrush Makeup Last?

How long does a flawless airbrush makeup application last? On average, you can expect around 12 hours of wear. In some cases, the application’s longevity may be even greater.

I get a lot of clients that ask me about airbrushing. I’ve been a makeup artist for years, and airbrushing techniques continue to be the go-to for those who need a long-lasting look. The application process is distinct, leading to an impeccable finish that sticks!

If you’re not familiar with the art of airbrushing, there’s a lot to discover! In this guide, we’ll go over the ins and outs of airbrush makeup, including information about available formulas and their overall longevity.

What Is Airbrush Makeup?

At its core, airbrush makeup is pretty similar to the stuff you buy at the drug store and beauty salon. It’s made up of the same pigments and ingredients, providing enough coverage to get a distinct look.

However, the difference is how it’s applied. Airbrush makeup utilizes a powerful air compressor to blast pigments onto your skin. The compressor builds light pressure to apply the makeup like spraypaint. Typically, the leading equipment attaches to a hose with a trigger-controlled spray gun.

This unique form of makeup is nothing new. It was a staple on big-budget movies during the 1950s and beyond. Even today, it’s a common sight in makeup trailers of Hollywood. Many consider airbrushing to be “HD-Ready.”

Because makeup artists don’t use brushes or sponges, the finished product is practically flawless! The makeup sits on the skin evenly, creating a poreless look that lasts.

Types Of Makeup Formulas Available

Like traditional makeup products, airbrush formulas are not “one-size-fits-all.” There are many different kinds of airbrush makeup out there. The unique formulas can affect the finish, accommodate varying skin types, and impact longevity.

The most common type of airbrushing makeup you’ll see is silicone-based. Silicone makeup sprays are flexible, working well on a range of skin types. Not only that, but the slightly thicker consistency is just right to cover issues like acne and uneven texture.

Silicone-based makeup sprays are also naturally water-resistant. Plus, they can hold up to light touching. Thus, they can last 12 hours or more.

If you need shine-control, water-based airbrush makeup products may be better. They lack oil and have a matte finish. The water-based formula is not as resilient or long-lasting as silicone, but it does offer decent coverage that you can build on.

Finally, there’s alcohol. Alcohol-based airbrush makeup is rare. It’s harder to use and requires special activators to spray efficiently. But, it’s one of the longest-lasting options. Alcohol makeup can stay on the skin for days! It won’t budge unless you use alcohol solvents, so it’s the go-to for tattoo coverage and special effects makeup.

Why Does It Last So Long?

So, what makes airbrushing so special? Beyond the specialty-made makeup formulas, the magic comes down to the application!

When the makeup goes through the air compressor, it’s essentially atomized. The pressure breaks the makeup up into very tiny particles, creating a concentrated mist.

The mist provides a light and even layer of makeup. You can use only a few drops of the product while still getting maximum skin coverage. But that’s not all.

The makeup doesn’t just sit on the top of the skin like other options. It absorbs slightly, creating a strong union that sticks! Silicone-based solutions are non-comedogenic, so they don’t absorb fully. However, the mist clings to every tiny pore to create a “second skin” that won’t go anywhere!

How To Make Airbrush Makeup Last Even Longer

Airbrushing already has a reputation for lasting much longer than any other standard product on the market. However, you can stretch things out even further!

The first thing you need to do is prepare your skin. Take the extra time to remove excess dirt and oil. You need a blank canvas to get the best results.

Once you clean your skin, moisturize!

Airbrushing makeup can end up looking flat or flaky if you don’t moisturize. Dry skin and air-blasted makeup don’t mix, so lotion up and wait until everything absorbs into your skin.

Then, apply a primer. Primers help the product stick and create an ultra-smooth base.

Wrapping Up

In the hands of a skilled artist, airbrush makeup can transform your face! The smooth application process results in a refined and flawless look that’s ready to be seen.

On top of the beautiful finish, airbrush makeup is long-lasting. On average, applications last around 12 hours. However, certain types of makeup and careful preparation can make it last even longer!

Whether you’re planning for a special day or you’re looking for a premium alternative for your everyday wear, airbrushing has a lot to offer! Visit a makeup artist who specializes in airbrushing. Give the makeup a chance and see what you think!

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