How Long Does It Take To Get Highlights

How Long Does It Take To Get Highlights?

Getting highlights can be a fun and attractive way to change your hairstyle. If you have hair highlights done in a professional salon, it should take around two to four hours, depending on the amount of hair and the type of highlights you receive. 

However, it’s important to note that the amount of time it takes to have highlights done can change significantly based on the style and amount of highlights you request. 

Read on to learn more about different types of highlights and how long it takes to get them in a salon. 

How Long Do Highlights Take?

A hair professional will need at least two hours to give you highlights. This time length is a minimum, as some forms of highlights will take much longer. 

Amount Of Highlights And Amount Of Hair

The main factors for determining how long it will take to get highlights are the hair dyeing technique and your hair type.

If you have thick hair and plan to get highlights all over, that could take several hours. However, if you have short or less dense hair or ask for highlights in only some sections of your hair, your hair professional can get the job done in less time. 

Foil Versus Cap Technique

The time it takes to get highlights also depends on the dyeing technique your hair colorist chooses.

The foil technique involves wrapping the highlighted pieces of hair in foil. This takes less time to set up than other techniques and is useful if you only want a few highlights in your hair. On the downside, the foil technique results in less long-lasting dye jobs.

The cap technique is where a cap with small holes is placed on your head, and strands of hair are pulled through the holes. These strands are then dyed, creating a great look if you want highlights all over your head. While this method takes more time than the foil technique, it lasts a long time and will effectively cover your hair with highlights. 

Natural Hair Color

Your natural hair color will also impact how long it takes to dye your hair with highlights. If you have naturally dark hair, it will take much longer to lighten your hair than it would for a customer with blonde hair. 

For a customer with dark hair, they will likely need to bleach their hair before applying the dye, which will take additional time. Furthermore, the dye itself will need more time to be properly absorbed by the hair with naturally dark pigmentation. 

Final Thoughts

The time it takes to get highlights can vary greatly based on your hair color and hair density, as well as how many highlights you want to get. As a general rule, try to set aside at least two or three hours for your highlighting appointment. 

If you have any concerns about getting highlights or how long the process will take, make a consultation appointment with your salon’s colorist so you can make a plan together. 

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