Is Huda Beauty Cruelty Free

Is Huda Beauty Cruelty-Free?

Is Huda Beauty, the brand started by famed beauty guru Huda Kattan, cruelty-free? According to the company, Huda Beauty is cruelty-free and does not test on animals.

But, there are some caveats to be aware of.

In the cosmetics world, animal testing is a sour subject with a sordid history. Today, the demand for cruelty-free products is higher than ever. While many brands are changing their ways and capitalizing on that demand, the topic isn’t as cut and dry as it seems.

As an ethically minded shopper and a passionate supporter of animal welfare, I do my homework! I look beyond corporate marketing and dive deep to ensure that my money doesn’t feed into the animal testing industry.

With this post, I’m going to break down Huda Beauty’s stance on animal testing and get to the bottom of its cosmetics operation.

Does Huda Beauty Test On Animals?

Huda Beauty officially launched in 2013. But, it’s roots go back a little further.

This brand got its start as a blog. Huda Kattan, the founder of the beauty empire, was a pioneer on social media platforms. With a successful YouTube channel and millions of followers, she stepped into the cosmetics industry and instantly became a success!

Today, the brand is available in an estimated 1,500 stores around the world! Thanks to partnerships with big-name retailers like Sephora, it’s a juggernaut in the beauty business!

But where does Huda Beauty stand on the topic of animal testing? 

The brand makes its position pretty clear on its website. The company does not test ingredients, formulations, or finished products on animals. 

Does Huda Beauty Commission Testing?

Here’s an important question to ask of any brand! There’s no legal definition that regulates the use of “cruelty-free” in advertising. As a result, brands are free to use the term even if they still benefit from animal testing.

One way they get around this is by hiring third-party testers and labs to do the dirty work. 

Luckily, Huda Beauty is not one of them. According to the official website, Huda Beauty does not commission any testing whatsoever. The brand goes one step further by getting manufacturer certifications to confirm that no animal testing is done at any stage in the development process.

Does Huda Beauty Have Any Official Cruelty-Free Certifications?

Speaking of certifications, many companies work with animal rights organizations to prove their cruelty-free status. PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies is one of the biggest in the United States. There’s also Choose Cruelty-Free and the Leaping Bunny program.

To obtain these certifications, most programs require strict commitments and some proof. In return, the brands can use the program’s respective logo to help conscientious shoppers spot cruelty-free products.

Unfortunately, Huda Beauty does not have any of these certifications just yet. Usually, a lack of proper certification is a red flag for some shoppers. But, Huda Beauty acknowledges this fact directly. Compared to some of its competitors, Huda Beauty is still relatively young. I expect proper certification to come at some point. But for now, we’ll just have to rely on other factors to determine its cruelty-free status.

Does Huda Beauty Sell In China?

While it’s available globally, Huda Beauty does not sell to mainland China.

Contrary to popular belief, neither the United States Food and Drug Administration nor the Consumer Product Safety Commission requires animal testing. In fact, the practice is banned outright in many countries and on its way out in others.

The one holdout, however, is China. 

China still requires animal testing on certain cosmetics products before they are sold in the country. This requirement doesn’t apply to products manufactured there and sold elsewhere. But brands wanting to tap into the large Chinese market need to perform testing.

The fact that Huda Beauty is not available through official retailers in China speaks volumes! Not only that, but Huda Beauty is an independent beauty brand. As a result, it has no parent company to answer to!

The Bottom Line

Huda Beauty is a cruelty-free brand that you should feel good about supporting. While the brand doesn’t have official cruelty-free certification from any animal welfare organizations, its stance on the topic is pretty clear. 

Huda Beauty does not test on animals at any point or ask others to do it on their behalf.

Take a look at Huda Beauty’s premium makeup! The brand has tons of great products to suit anyone’s style and skin tone. The fact that Huda Beauty is cruelty-free is just icing on the cake. Check some products out for yourself, and feel good about where your money is going.

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