Is Klorane Cruelty-Free

Is Klorane Cruelty-Free?

Interested in learning more about Klorane and its stance on animal testing? These days, more and more people are searching for cruelty-free brands to support. The vegan and cruelty-free industry alone is expected to reach $3 billion by 2025!

With its vegan haircare formulas, Klorane is a brand that has grown quite popular in recent years. But is Klorane cruelty-free? 

Klorane’s marketing would lead you to believe that it is. But with complicated animal testing laws around the globe, the answer to this question isn’t so cut and try. To truly understand where Klorane stands, you have to look at the brand’s operations as a whole.

About Klorane

Klorane has only recently become a big name here in the United States. But, the brand is a staple in other countries around the world. It’s a French brand that has been around a lot longer than most think!

First founded in 1965, Klorane produces plant-based shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products. All of the goods in the Klorane product-line use traceable plant extracts. A portion of sales also goes to the Klorane Botanical Foundation, which helps fund school gardens in the United States.

The parent company of Klorane is Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, a pharmaceutical and cosmetics company in France. All of the brand’s products are also made in France.

Is Klorane Cruelty-Free?

While the brand’s plant-based formulas and vegan-friendly products would lead you to believe that it is 100 percent cruelty-free, that’s not the case.

On its website, the company claims that it does not test on animals. However, there are some issues worth noting. 

Klorane is not endorsed by PETA or any other animal welfare organization. Not only that, but it’s not part of any programs or pledges, such as Beauty Without Bunnies. Right off the bat, this should be a red flag.

Furthermore, the brand may benefit from animal testing in some form.

Third-Party Testing

One of the biggest issues in finding true cruelty-free products is the lack of defining parameters surrounding the term. As of 2020, there are no legal definitions that dictate what it means to be “cruelty-free.”

Unfortunately, this means that brands can adopt their own definition and say they are cruelty-free. 

A common tactic that several brands out there use is third-party testing. Manufacturers can ask their suppliers or outside laboratories to conduct tests on their behalf. Technically speaking, the company wouldn’t be doing the testing. But, the products are still benefiting from the practice.

Klorane does allow third-party testing where required by national law. Currently, the brand does not have any agreements or audit checks to ensure that providers aren’t testing either. 

For this reason, we cannot say that Klorane is truly a cruelty-free brand.

Does Korlane’s Parent Company Test On Animals?

Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, the company that owns Klorane, says that it doesn’t test on animals either. In fact, the company is doing a lot to end animal testing. Like other big-name manufacturers out there, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre utilizes alternative testing methods in most cases.

Unfortunately, Klorane and Laboratories Pierre Fabre products are sold in China, which is a huge problem if you prioritize animal welfare.

Klorane And The Chinese Market

Many Klorane products are marketed and sold to consumers in mainland China. 

China is one of the few countries in the world that still require pre-market animal testing. This means that all cosmetics products must undergo testing before they can hit the shelves. It’s said that this practice is going to end soon. But for now, those legal restrictions are still in place.

Any brand that sells in China cannot be cruelty-free. 


The Klorane brand has a lot going for it. The vegan, plant-based formulas truly are impressive and a step in the right direction in terms of sustainability.

But, we can’t call the brand cruelty-free. Klorane still tests when required by law. Because the brand is available in China, it’s safe to say that testing does occur at some point.

Have any unanswered questions about Klorane and its testing policies? Drop us a comment below!

If you’re looking for a truly cruelty-free haircare brand to support, Klorane is not it. Despite its green and Earth-friendly marketing, the brand does benefit from animal testing.

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