Is Morphe Cruelty Free

Is Morphe Cruelty-Free?

Is this influencer-heavy beauty brand cruelty-free? For now, it does seem that Morphe is cruelty-free!

Morphe is a relatively new brand that started in 2008. Despite its young age, Morphe quickly climbed the ranks to become one of the industry’s hottest-selling brands!

As a makeup lover and ethical shopper, I get asked about Morphe a lot. For a while, its stance on animal cruelty has been a bit confusing. Luckily, they’ve since cleared things up and are more transparent than ever.

Read on to learn more about Morphe’s stance on animal welfare. We’re going to do a dive deep to understand its testing policies and operations.

Does Morphe Test on Animals?

From what we can tell, Morphe does not test on animals. The company states on its official website numerous times that it does not participate in animal testing.

For several years, Morphe’s operations were up in the air. Basic marketing and vague statements led many to believe that Morphe was side-stepping the issue like other brands.

You see, the FDA has no legal definition concerning the label “Cruelty-Free.” Thus, companies can claim they don’t benefit from animal testing even though they do. Brands can pay for third-party testing or have their ingredients supplies do the dirty work.

So, is Morphe cruelty free?

Luckily, Morphe has cleared things up recently and added more specific wording to its animal welfare statements.

Morphe Animal Testing Policy

Morphe’s testing policy is available on the FAQ page of the website.

According to the statement, Morphe does not condone animal testing in any capacity. None of the brand’s products undergo animal testing. The same goes for raw ingredients from supplies. Morphe doesn’t allow manufacturers to test on its behalf, either!

The statement checks off most of the boxes. It doesn’t touch on testing from independent labs. But, Morphe has touched on that specific topic several times, stating that third-party testing is against its policies as well.

Morphe isn’t certified cruelty-free by PETA, Leaping Bunny, or any other certification program. But, its transparency is a big step in the right direction. This brand is still young, so we don’t doubt that certification will come at some point. For now, we have to rely on Morphe’s transparency as a guide.

Is Morphe Sold in China?

Morphe is still growing as a company. But for now, the products are not sold in China.

This matters because China still requires animal testing on beauty products. All products sold to the Chinese market must undergo animal testing before they hit store shelves. Furthermore, regulatory bodies within China test products on animals after they are sold to ensure continued safety.

There are signs that animal testing requirements may end in the future. But as of 2020, they are still in effect.

Many companies choose to tap into the Chinese market, losing their cruelty-free status. Luckily, Morphe is not one of them!

Now, Morphe produces goods in China. However, the testing requirements only apply to products that are made available to consumers in the country. There are no regulations concerning product sold elsewhere.

Is Morphe Vegan?

Morphe has many vegan-friendly products. In fact, Morphe makes it pretty easy to find 100-percent vegan goods on its website.

That said, Morphe is not completely vegan.

The brand got its start making makeup brushes. Even today, its brushes are considered some of the best! Morphe sells both animal hair and synthetic brushes. Thus, it can’t be considered entirely vegan. Fortunately, Morphe does an excellent job of differentiating the two so that you can select a product that’s right for your needs and conscience.

The good news is that Morphe sources the animal hair ethically. According to statements, the animal hair is a byproduct of food manufacturing or is sourced without endangering animals. Morphe also plans to phase out badger hair, which is a great sign for the brand’s future.

Is Morphe Owned By a Parent Company?

Technically speaking, Morphe does have a parent company. But, the parent company used to be a part of Morphe itself!

The parent company, Forma Brands, used to be known as Morphe Holdings. It was the incubator that was responsible for bringing Morphe to fruition. In 2020, the company spun out to become a larger conglomerate that would own smaller brands. In addition to Morphe, Forma Brands owns Bad Habit, Playa, Lipstick Queen, and more.

Usually, having a parent brand isn’t a good thing. Brands typically have to comply with testing standards for the parent company, muddying up the works and adding confusion about animal testing policies.

However, Morphe’s parent company formed from its own success. For now, it seems that Forma Brands follows the same policies as Morphe.


Is Morphe cruelty-free? We’re happy to say that Morphe is a real cruelty-free brand worth supporting. The company does not allow animal testing in any way, shape, or form. It doesn’t sell to any countries that require animal testing and does not benefit from third-party testing.

You can feel good about enjoying Morphe products. Check out the brand’s website and see what goods they have to offer!

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