Is Too Face Cruelty-Free

Is Too Face Cruelty-Free?

Looking to splurge on some Too Face cosmetics? The brand has been a staple in the makeup community since the late 1990s. In the last few years alone, it’s experienced massive growth and become a go-to for influencers, makeup gurus, and more.

But is Too Face cruelty-free? 

With the demand for cruelty-free makeup on the rise, many makeup lovers are started to scrutinize every brand they invest in. Too Face had a solid stance on the topic of animal cruelty in the past. But has the brand’s recent acquisition by a cosmetics juggernaut changes that? Let’s take a look!

All About Too Face

Too Face got its start in 1998. At the time dark grunge makeup was all the rage. But the founders of the brand wanted something a bit more vibrant and glamorous.

After launching, Too Face quickly garnered attention for its colorful products and “in-your-face” product names. One of its most popular products, the “Better Than Sex” mascara is even censored in some countries!

But that didn’t stop the brand from becoming a powerhouse in the makeup industry. Credited with creating the world’s first glitter eyeshadow, Too Face Cosmetics continues to come out with eye-catching products that garner attention from every corner of the Internet!

Is Too Face Cruelty-Free?

So, that leads us to the burning question. What’s Too Face’s stance on animal welfare?

We’re happy to say that the brand is truly cruelty-free! The brand confirms that it does not test on animals. Too Face even has a dedicated line of vegan-friendly products!

Too Face is officially recognized by PETA for its cruelty-free operations. The cosmetics company has been a part of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program since 2001. 

Do Vendors Or Suppliers Test On Animals?

There’s one tricky thing about animal testing and the cosmetics industry. According to the FDA, there are no legal definitions of the term. That means that companies can adopt their own definitions of what it means to be “cruelty-free.”

One common tactic that we see often is relying on data from a third-party tester. A brand could hire vendors or suppliers to test on animals before the ingredients get in their hands. They could still technically say they were cruelty-free. But at the end of the day, those companies still benefit from animal testing.

Once again, we’re happy to report that Too Face is not one of those companies. The brand has a long history of supporting animal welfare. It does not allow others to test on their behalf. Nor do they allow suppliers to test on animals.

Does Too Face Sell in the Chinese Market?

China is one of a handful of countries that still require animal testing on all cosmetics products sold to consumers. There are signs that things could change in the future. But for now, companies must participate in animal testing if they want to tap into the Chinese market.

China is a huge market! So, you’ll often see companies make an exception and test on animals for the sole purpose of selling there. 

Too Face does not sell in China. In fact, the higher-ups at the company have said that they will never sell to China as long as those testing requirements are in place.

Estee Lauder Acquisition

In 2016, Too Face went through some major changes. The company was acquired by Estee Lauder for a reported $1.46 billion!

With the influence of its new parent company, Too Face has been able to flourish even more.

But there’s one thing that’s getting ethical buyers up in arms: Estee Lauder still tests on animals when required by law. Now, the cosmetics juggernaut is doing its best to end animal testing. 

However, the Estee Lauder branded products are readily available in China.

Fortunately, Estee Lauder has not cramped Too Face’s dedication to animal welfare. Even after the acquisition, Too Face’s operations have not changed. It’s products still aren’t available in China.


Too Face is a great company to buy from if you prioritize animal welfare. The brand is true to its word and has been cruelty-free since the start!

Check out the brand’s iconic mascara and colorful product line to glam up guilt-free!

If you have any questions, leave us a comment below!

Too Face is a pioneer in the cruelty-free market. Despite the stance of its parent company, Too Face never tests on animals.

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